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win condition that will balance resources based on team size

29 May 2019, 02:09 AM
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Hello, I'm trying to learn scar and am a rookie to lua/programming in general. Can someone tell me what is wrong with the following? Note: I'm doing this for CoH1, but I assume it should be roughly the same for CoH2.

The wincondition I'm trying to make is something that balances resource rate based on team size. So if it's a 1v2, then the team with less people will get more resources.

30 May 2019, 14:38 PM
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So, the assignment operator is not the same as the equality operator.

if Player_GetTeam(i)=1 then

should be

if Player_GetTeam(i)==1 then

Also, unless it just cut off, you don't have an end for your function.

You should really use local variables to store anything that you use more than once. For example, you call World_GetPlayerAt multiple times. Function calls can become expensive in loops. You should also indent for readability. I highly suggest using Visual Studio Code or some other IDE to help with that.

Here is a cleaned up version of your script:

g_CheckAnnihilate = true

function OnInit()
team_a = 0
team_b = 0

for i = 1, World_GetPlayerCount() do
if (Player_GetTeam(i) == 1) then
team_a = team_a + 1
team_b = team_b + 1

if (team_a > team_b) then
b_ratio = team_a/team_b
a_ratio = 1
a_ratio = team_b/team_a
b_ratio = 1

for i = 1, World_GetPlayerCount() do
local player = World_GetPlayerAt(i)
Player_SetPopCapOverride(player, 350)
if (Player_GetTeam(i) == 1) then
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player, RT_Manpower, a_ratio)
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player, RT_Munition, a_ratio)
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player, RT_Fuel, a_ratio)
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player, RT_Manpower, b_ratio)
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player, RT_Munition, b_ratio)
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player, RT_Fuel, b_ratio)

31 May 2019, 03:42 AM
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Thank you so much for the response! This makes sense. Ah I feel embarrassed, you are right I am missing an end on the function.

After I've added the clean version of your code, I still get a fatal scar error. The only additional line that I didn't include in the original post was


at the beginning of the code. Note, that I did this in CoH1 if that adds any nuance.

Another fundamental question, when would I need to put something in parenthesis and when wouldn't I? I don't quite understand why you put parenthesis around the if condition (Player_GetTeam(i) == 1)
31 May 2019, 05:09 AM
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Yeah, you always need that import due to maps using the functions it provides.

You don't need to use parentheses, but it's not a bad habit to get into if you ever wanted to program in a different language. It is entirely optional in Lua, so up to you in the end. I just did so out of habit and I like the way it looks. *shrug*
31 May 2019, 05:14 AM
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Also, just noticed something else:


should be


Since it expects a player and not a number.
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