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WM vs USF feedback

21 May 2019, 02:39 AM
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I'm the WM player, i just counldn't make anything work, he won most engagements. Not sure what could i done better or what i did wrong. ples feedback.

21 May 2019, 10:04 AM
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Hopefully I can be of some help. All these are just points to help your gameplay and are in no way meant in a negative aspect.

1. Personally, I would use MG to hold frontline instead of capping at the start incase he tries an early rush.

2. Your grens and units are very passive throughout the game, perhaps its too much of a micro intensive task with a lot going on. use other squads to flank at 03:00 + use MG to help engagement.

3. You covered your MG flank well at 03:50 with gren on capping point giving you info on enemy unit movement

4.All of the action is going on early game at your cut off, use your engineers to cap other side of map so you dont fall too far behind.

5. Try use ur MG more to support frontline again 06:30, reposition ur MG after every single engagement. This was highlighted when he knew your previous position at fuel point and flanked it almost wiping it.

6. 09:00 If hes defensively set up outside your cut off, you'll bleed when you come out base. Go to other side and either flank/cap resources

7. 09:30 Heading out with half health squads when you know he's got units in that area is a big no no. It will just bleed manpower and waste time

8.Move your AT gun to support ur vehicles e.g. sitting at cut off point while your 2 x 222's are engaging bunker emplacement and stuart (12:00)

9. 14:00 send your 2 x 222's to deal with those riflemen guarding your fuel as soon as you're aware instead of grens behind no cover, will result in their retreat and your gren can cap.

10. 15:00 really nice positioning of ur 2 x AT guns covering a large portion of ur defense which almost kills the sherman, nice to see them not clumped up

Overall, my advice would be try use ur support weapons to support your troops and use ur troops to support your support weapons.

re-position ur MG's and AT guns after every time he's aware of their position and dont be afraid to get stuck in with ur vehicles against infantry.

Hope this helps
21 May 2019, 10:14 AM
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The main idea of OST faction is to move your units together ( not blobbing). That means your mg and sniper must have support from grens. Part by part you take the map. Dont try to play agressive. Took one ponit control it, defended 1 attack, go and take other part of the map.

But IMO no way you can do smth vs agressive USF players on some maps with houses, bushes where you can hide and run around. OFC players with equal skill.
21 May 2019, 12:54 PM
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Thanks guys...much appreciated and helpful tips. After a certain level my micro just can't keep up. I can't go past 40 APM. Also OH feels like my hands are tied most of the time.
I know what you guys are saying about keeping units together, i know the concept and i try to implement it but against an aggressive USF and Soviet it's impossible to not get caught with pants down at least once. Sometimes when flank from 3-4 sides it's just impossible to hold on. MG suppress one squad and grens can't hold the line, don't have time to re position MG on time. Not even talking about nades and smoke :D
22 May 2019, 19:12 PM
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As your opponent this game, I agree with Scoped analysis. If I had to simplify my thoughts down to the core points:

1. I was often thinking (especially at the beginning minutes) "Where is his MG? It should be here and hurting."

2. I just generally had a higher percentage of time where each unit was either capping or fighting, while your units were more static trying to protect flanks. This just snowballed into won fights and resource advantage.

My perspective:

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