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Reinforce Hotkey (R) not working from Tactical Map

28 Jul 2018, 20:37 PM
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Hi all,

Newbie question:

I am trying to use the tactical map as much and possible and was wondering why some actions can be triggered from the tactical map and others not.

As an example:

- From the tactical map I can box-select a unit and give the order "A" (Attack - move) to a location. It works

- From the tactical map I can box-select a unit (or many) and give the order Retreat "T". It works.

BUT from the tactical map I can not select a unit that is near my HQ (after retreat) and Reinforce "R" it.

I must close the tactical map and then the reinforce hotkey works. Is there something I can do to reinformce a unit without leaving the Tactical map?

Thank you in advance.
28 Jul 2018, 21:04 PM
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Ok, saw this excelent video from the beginner guides that explains that some actions as reinforce or use habilities cannot be triggered from the minimap.


Sorry for the newbie question.
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