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GCS2 Day 1 technical updates

17 Jun 2018, 11:00 AM
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Congratulations on an awesome day yesterday everyone, a big part of the team producing this is the players, and without you guys being so good at picking up the systems and showing great sportsmanship it would not happen.

Big shout out to Barton yesterday also, despite him being a 'troll' he sure shows good sportsmanship when he had a zis gun bug! Also thanks to Luciano for helping translate in the Alastor game. The referees did a great job too, objective, enthusiastic, and on it. Huge shout out to Janne252's coding behind the tournament engine also, great success, and an amazing system.


Delayed bracket results/ Spoilers

Bracket results will now be delayed by 6 minutes for the public, Janne coded this this morning! Admins and the players in the match see the results instantly. But the fans will not see these results until 6 minutes have passed.

This is so there are no spoilers in Twitch chat, this is really important, and if you know a result please do not spoil the fans. We consider this a vital part of the tournament process.

2-1 Seeding In first two rounds

I think it's only fair that first and second round results where the loser wins one game it has a has a slightly positive or less negative effect on seeding adjustment.

I will accomplish this by giving a position in my seeding spread sheet of '32' for a first round 2-0 loss and '24' for a 2-1 loss.

In the second round loss someone will get a position of '16' for a 2-0 loss and '12' for a 2-1 loss.

These then get calculated in a 40% adjustment to the original seed.

Therefore Ikab who beat Hans in one game of round 1 yesterday will actually go up two seeds from 28 to 26.

To see this in action head here. (Warning spread sheet with numbers ResidentSleeper)

20% Seed Decay for non-participants

There will now be a 20% seed decay for people that don't check in and play. This means you don't gain seeds because other people risked theirs by playing, it's only fair. (edit: Upped this to 20 from 10 after seeing that 10 wasn't enough to affect the seeds).

Wildcard Bracket.

Wild card winner will get a seed of 28, and wild card runner up will get a seed of 32.

Congratulations to Hulksmash and Brickman who are now guaranteed entry to Citadel in two weeks time.

Due to the success of the system and these brackets we will also run a wild card bracket during the third tournament to keep up the system of allowing everyone a chance. However we have lowered the GCS2 qualifying points to 1 for the wild card winner, as we feel this is more fair.



17 Jun 2018, 12:22 PM
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when u think seeding is a simple thing but find out that all this work is behind your actual seed: o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O

gj the systems seems more reasonable this way :thumbsup:
17 Jun 2018, 13:45 PM
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You should have seen A_E's seeding spreadsheets.

As someone who appreciates a bit of Excel they're really quite something.
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