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Support weapons and their identity in COH

10 May 2018, 08:14 AM
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I recently had an idea with support weapons and the whole issue with players complaining about blobbing.

Global changes to support weapons is needed.

Damage decrease by 40% (damage given and damage taken)
Speed increase (movement, pack up/set up, construction, rotation speed, garrison set up, reload)
Accuracy increased:
machine guns steadily hurt troops, even when they are pinned
mortars will hurt blobs more than spread out units
at guns will always penetrate targets (vehicles only), but are harder to kill

British/OKW truck emplacements when destroyed:
1/4 engineer squad with corresponding support weapon that automatically retreats to base.
(Bofors only 1/4 engineer squad)

British emplacements are also effected by prior changes (less damage dealt and less damage taken)

No more mortar on mortar wars
Blobbing is harder to do
No more "random" wipes

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