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Reverse Speed

7 Feb 2017, 12:13 PM
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Hi modding community. I have a small question, maybe someone here know about it. The question is:

"Is it possible to mod the reverse speed ?"

I do not find an option in the moving extension of the "ebps" files.
If someone find the way to mod it I will appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance
7 Feb 2017, 17:16 PM
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Unfortunately, I think it is hard-coded.
7 Feb 2017, 18:15 PM
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Thanks for the answer like always Eliw00d ;) .

Another question related to your answer, when you said "hard-coded", you are saying is not possible to be mod with the mod tool and need to be done on scar ?

7 Feb 2017, 18:20 PM
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In this case, there is simply no such thing as reverse speed in this game. There is only max speed, acceleration and deceleration but all work the same way no matter if you drive forward or backward. It would need a change in engine code to allow for different values and this is not going to happen unless they make a whole new game on whole new engine.
7 Feb 2017, 18:33 PM
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:( this is not good for realism.
Just looks really bad to see your jagdtiger running away like a F1 car in reverse.

Thanks again for the replies guys ;)
7 Feb 2017, 18:37 PM
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Sure it is not. On the other hand, when we are fighting at 10 meters distances where flanking takes seconds, it may be better that way. Otherwise you would have absolutely no chance to react.

Coh always aimed to be more like rts version of "Saving private ryan" rather than a documentary.
7 Feb 2017, 18:46 PM
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He he yes you are right. Aside of that, the tool is not that bad if you work hard on it to bring us certain grade of realism.

I should learn to live with the bad reverse speed :)
7 Feb 2017, 23:42 PM
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When I say "hard-coded" I mean that it is built into the game engine and not something we can modify anywhere (even with SCAR).
8 Feb 2017, 09:12 AM
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Thanks Eliw00d ;)
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