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Discord Rules and Regulations

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18 Jan 2017, 19:56 PM
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Due to the nature of Discord, moderation will be more lenient than on COH2.ORG. On the other hand, punishments will be more timely and severe in cases of blatant and intentional rule-breaking.

The punishments for the breaching of any discord rules are not listed, as they will be determined by the moderation team on a case-by-case basis.

Chapter 1 - Thread Activity

1.1 Spamming
Flooding the chat with repetitive or meaningless content is not allowed.
All spambots will be banned.
  • Placing content in channels that are not related to the content at hand can also be defined as spamming (example: advertising your stream in replay reviews).

1.2 Flaming
Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity. This is not allowed.

1.3 Defamation of other users
Calling names or insulting other users by referring to them with a degrading/humiliating name is not allowed.
This also includes being disrespectful to developers.

1.4 Excessive trolling
Excessively seeking attention or attempting to provoke other users is not allowed.

1.5 Offensive content
Sharing any content that is considered as offensive is not allowed on the server.
As an example, posting pictures of violent criminals without a proper reason is not allowed, since it might cause offence.
This also includes direct messages to member on the discord server.

1.6 Racism
For a detailed definition, please refer to the Wikipedia article about racism. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism

1.7 Sexism
For a detailed definition, please refer to the Wikipedia article about sexism. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexism

1.8 Homophobia
For a detailed definition, please refer to the Wikipedia article about homophobia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homophobia

1.9 Pornography
Any content that is directly or indirectly interpretable as pornographic material is not allowed.

1.10 Illegal content
Posting illegal content, discussing illegal content, or linking to illegal content is not allowed.
This includes content that involves unconstitutional symbols and material. For example the swastika is an illegal symbol in Germany.

1.11 Harmful content
Any content that is intended to cause harm to the service or to other users, for example posting content that breaks the site formatting or causes extremely long page load times.

1.12 Threatening content
Do not write or say anything which is violent or threatening, or promotes violence, or actions which are threatening to any person or entity; or which promotes illegal or harmful activities or substances.

1.13 Cheating
This includes anyone found to be cheating, publicly accusing others of cheating, or posting links to third party cheats.

1.14 Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
Using COH2.ORG to breach an NDA by spreading classified information or graphics is not allowed.

Chapter 2 - Voice Channels

2.1 Channel behavior
Any applicable rules from Chapter 1 will be enforced on the server's voice channels (pay special attention to 'harmful content')

2.2 Joining channels
Joining in-use team channels without the team's permission is discouraged and punishment could follow if the incident is reported by players in the team chat.

Chapter 3 - User Accounts

3.1 Usernames
Usernames may not break any rules listed in Chapter 1 or they will be changed.

3.2 User Avatars
User avatars may not break any rules listed in Chapter 1.

3.3 Linked Profiles
If you choose to attach your twitch, steam, or other account to your discord profile, you must not severely break any of the guidelines from Chapter 1 on any of the services attached

3.4 Multiple Accounts
Creating multiple accounts is not allowed and all multiple accounts will be banned.

Chapter 4 - User Interaction

4.1 Private Messages
Unwanted PMs towards fellow users' discord accounts are against guidelines.

4.2 Random Pings
Random or pointless pings towards other server members is not allowed and could result in an immediate kick or ban.
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