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Soviet vs OKW; Minsk Pocket

30 Jun 2016, 16:32 PM
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i am soviet side

So yeah i don't really know , all went good until he made his headquaters close to mid vic . From then i focused all my firepower on destroying thm , but my mortars focusing his HQ i got defeated by his infatary. I feel there was no way i could have taken his hq down and instead should have focused his infatary instead, that in mind i feel he got huge advantage by just placing his Panzer Headquarters on top off the vic and healing behind it so basically i feel i have 0 answer to deal with this and should just ignore it....or am i wrong ???

30 Jun 2016, 17:12 PM
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gonna look at this tommorow ;)
30 Jun 2016, 17:41 PM
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gonna look at this tommorow ;)

1 Jul 2016, 11:24 AM
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Goddamn, Cookiez was faster than me.

Here I´m posting his review and closing this thread.

!really simple things wouldve helped you alot,

at 9 mins when you first tried to push the medic HQ your ZIS gun was late to the party. Otherwise you probably would've taken it out much easier. But your whole push was just mistimed, disjointed.

instead of pushing forward with your cons there you shouldve waited for your AT gun and then used the cons to defend the AT gun and recrew/merge as neccessary, not used them walk up to the fuel point and die pointlessly.

10 mins: dont waste 60 muni/time on max range zis/su76 barrages IF youre gonna barrage with those get close.

really the overall game losing decision was SU76 instead of T70...

SU76 had no purpose when you got it.. you had T2 and AT guns, why get an SU76? It has the same range as the AT gun but is FUEL that could be used elsewhere, like on a T-70 vs his infantry on the flank.
If you go T70 you can dominate the far left VP with your mobility and the fact that he has no real counter to it since he went battlegroup.

when he comes to push you off from there he's gonna need most of his army, or he's just gonna lose because a t70 will beat a single shrek sturmpio rather easily, and volks would just get kited if you play it right..
So you see what im saying most of his army would be tied up trying to counter your t70.

then you would have take care of the middle with the mortar, AT gun and a spotting squad and it would go down FAST.

cant really comment on the rest because it was pretty much gg from there, you started to tilt really hard, blobbing mortars and stuff and well, thats quite wrong and I think you know that :DCookiezNcreem

If you have any other problems here, feel free to post any replay here. We are here to help you


1 Jul 2016, 18:23 PM
2 Jul 2016, 10:05 AM
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Thank our overmotived lead strategist cookiez ;)
2 Jul 2016, 15:24 PM
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Build an m3 and kill the OKW player right at the beginning.
2 Jul 2016, 18:06 PM
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Build an m3 and kill the OKW player right at the beginning.

okw get raketen at same price as you build m3 and tier1 and then ruchs luchs to punish you for your tier 1 play. You either tech for at gun aftewards or put mines and call in guards. Else you will lose against his vehicle rush.

Also you need to know how to play with your m3 because if you lose it too early it will be huge setback for you
2 Jul 2016, 19:51 PM
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Would you recommend a luchs or FlakHT? (Against Penale+Ptrs rush)
2 Jul 2016, 19:59 PM
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Would you recommend a luchs or FlakHT? (Against Penale+Ptrs rush)

Ofcourse I would. But I think luchs is better against ptrs rush with penals because luchs can kite ptrs squads without even being damaged.

Against extended t1 without lot of ptrs (1-2 squads) and without his at gun , i would recommend flakHT becuase of healing you get and also because of supression you get. Just keep in mind to cover it with schreck squad and rakente becuase t70 will surely come
2 Jul 2016, 20:23 PM
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2 Jul 2016, 20:54 PM
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Np you´re welcome :)
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