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Map Praise Thread

30 Mar 2016, 10:05 AM
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I would like to invite people to use this thread as a place to suggest maps that deserve to be played, and to praise maps that they have played. There are several reasons I think this would be useful.

First, just at the level of personal fun for players, there are plenty of maps around in various places, but its quite difficult to see if you will like a map without downloading it. At minimum, you have to look through the comments on each individual map. So the idea here is to collect together those maps that people have actually played and which they think deserve more prominence.

Second, some casters have from time to time expressed a desire for more maps to be available for tournaments, and others have the same view of the rotation. But much the same problem applies; you can see which maps have the most downloads, and you can see the star rating in the Steam Workshop, but you cannot easily see why it was popular. Thus some maps are popular because they change the popcap, but this would likely not be appropriate for tournament or rotation. I hope that a thread like this would serve as a resource for tourney organisers and/or Relic who are looking to expand their map lists.

Third, such information which does exist is impersonal and from widely disparate sources. I'd like to solicit input that goes further than simply expressions of approval for map, but also remarks as to why the map is good. I'd specifically be interested in suggestions from players who are active competitively, and who can look at a map with a competitive player's eye.

There are some "rules" for posts in this thread

1) MUST include a link to Steam workshop
2) Map authors MAY NOT nominate or praise their own maps
3) The map MUST be eligible and suitable for tournament play
4) This means that provisionally, only 1v1 and 2v2 maps
5) Maps must be ready to go; this is not the place for suggestions or comments on flaws
6) Including screenshots is encouraged
7) This is not a general discussion thread. Ideally there will ONLY be proper suggestions posts.

I might edit this later if anything else occurs to me.
30 Mar 2016, 10:10 AM
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I'll go first to show the kind of thing I'm hoping for:

Lisores (2-4) by Stahlhagel


I can't presume to speak as a competitive player, but it seems to me this map could potentially serve as a tournament map. Although it is somewhat similar to Crossing In The Woods, with all that implies, in having two areas separated by a river, I find that there are quite a few routes for flanking around entrenched defences at either end. It is also dispersed enough that smart use of a forward retreat point and so on could be be very valuable. There are important buildings, but none so dominating that they exert undue influence. It's pretty, with good detail, and I think it's fun to play.

Here is a screenshot overview:
30 Mar 2016, 10:14 AM
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(6) Pavlov's House.
30 Mar 2016, 10:34 AM
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now that we have Luvness' map, when will we get Jesulin's map? :huhsign:
30 Mar 2016, 10:37 AM
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now that we have Luvness' map, when will we get Jesulin's map? :huhsign:

A map that would force you to adapt.
30 Mar 2016, 13:11 PM
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30 Mar 2016, 18:44 PM
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This map right here deserves to be added to the game. :snfPeter:
31 Mar 2016, 00:28 AM
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^its details look lacking.
31 Mar 2016, 07:20 AM
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I don't think Schultz is making a serious suggestion.

Pigsoup, did you propose Pavlov's House as a 2v2 or 3v3?
31 Mar 2016, 08:19 AM
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As a Finn with a grandfather who fought in WW2, I have tested some maps with the Finns. I like especially MonolithicBacon's maps for them: (2-4) Karelia Winter. I suggest the Winter map for 2vs2, because people usually think of the Finns fighting during the winter. There is also a summer version of it. (2-4) Karelia Summer. He has also made a excellent 4vs4 map about the battle of (6-8) Tali-Ihantala, which I like a lot, because there is plenty of space to make maneuvers with light vehicles and tanks. Relic should include it in 4vs4 automatch.
31 Mar 2016, 08:54 AM
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Tali-Ihantala is indeed a nice map to practice your game skills in terms of teamplay; most of the time I play that map players aren't able to effectively cover their sectors, but when they do, damn it's a blast.

In fact that'll be my next map when I play the game.
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