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28 Jan 2015, 11:42 AM
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King Tiger Modification by Armastudio

This mod changes for now the values and abilities of the Tiger I + Ace, the Tiger II and the Command Panther. To avoid destroying the balance the damage and penetration values of all german & allied medium and heavy tanks are even improved, too.

The primary target of the Mod is a better damage system especially of tanks and the secondary target a nearly perfect working Mod without any errors in any form as you can see even in lots of COH 2 Mods or COH 1 Mods with big names as Eastern Front where one game after another crashes after 20 minutes playtime or enemy KI only built Pioneers who defends their HQ. This is absolutely unprofessionel and on the one hand you won´t find anything else in this Mod and on the other hand the Mod has new units and they are all built and used by enemy KI.

The main balance focus is a hard early and mid game for the axis till the german heavy tanks arrive (US can built highly trained Ranger units which give´em a huge early game advantage).

I worked a lot with veterancy modifiers, so a Tiger Vet. 0 has "only" a damage value of 280 and a Vet. 3 a damage value of 396 (PzGr. 39 HL adds more modifiers so you´ve damage value about 450). Same with Penetration, acceleration, turret speed, reload time and so on.

A Kingtiger Vet. 0 is a good unit but not really a beast but if you get´em Vet. 5 you have so much modifiers and abilities unlocked resulting in a - still knock-out-able - monster but cool made (not only non-professionel to high damage and penetration values as in piss poor Mods with spelling errors, crashes and other bullshit) and due to the veterancy modifiers only for skilled players who first have to get´em on Vet. 5.

Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=339953680

How to use/activate: host a game select options/mod "King Tiger Modification"

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