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Truck positioning

7 Oct 2014, 13:53 PM
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Hi guys, quick question: do you prefer to keep your trucks positioned all together in a specific point of the map or do you prefer to spread them along the front in relation to your strategy?

On what depends your choice?

7 Oct 2014, 14:02 PM
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Yes I like to keep my medic and flak truck reasonably close. For example i generally put the med between the base and middle and then my flack truck around there somewhere to protect a medtruck flank or cutoff, sometimes even a side VP
Some people prefer to put the flak truck forward in an aggressive spot to guard the middle vp. BUt you have to be very careful with this as losing the flak truck means you lose access to your most powerful units.
The repair truck I keep in my base or just outside my base, I like to keep my vehicles safe in the back when repairing.
7 Oct 2014, 16:04 PM
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Flak truck can be placed aggressively without to many drawbacks if you use command panther call-in and/or pak43 (stall for KT while flak truck provide cover for the pak43). With these doctrines you only need a few obers and maybe one luchs. After that you can just use call-in panther or stall for KT (with pak43). KT also dont require the flak truck as long it was build once.
Lategame vet3 Sturmpioneer you can repair trucks/pak43/KT very fast between arty barrages and also good dps against suppressed squads.
8 Oct 2014, 12:19 PM
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So you think it's better to keep them all together instead of distributing them all along the map.

do you put them just in front of the starting zone or in a specific section of the map ( for example around a VP or a FP that you want to defend at all cost)?
8 Oct 2014, 12:45 PM
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Spreading them across the map is not adviseable because it's unrealistic that you'll hold the whole map for long periods of time and leaving them alone means certain destruction.

It's a good idea to position them aggressively but behind a shotblocker and make that area a forward hq where you'll never leave presence.

Fighting against OKW I find it really hard when they setup a stronghold at the centre VP, makes you split your army for the two opposite, very far-away other VPs while they can shift to one of the two sides quickly and easily.
9 Oct 2014, 04:40 AM
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I like to lock down one side of the map. With OKW becoming stronger as time goes on, all I want to do is keep a VP, some fuel, and some ammo safe. The flak truck allows me to do that. If I put it in the centre of the map, I tend to end up being flanked and have to defeat multiple sides.

The only map in 1v1 I do sort of like putting it in the centre is Minsk Pocket.
9 Oct 2014, 18:49 PM
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I place the med truck behind a building close to center of the map so retreating units go to it rather than to the base. If the med truck is too far off to the side, units will retreat to the closer spot (good or bad). I used to be aggressive with the flak, but I've found that using it to guard a critical fuel on your side of the map is more useful along with guarding a road or med truck flank. Using it to guard VPs makes it a focused target (AT gun fodder) which I dislike. The repair truck I put near the end of a road or edge of a open area near dense tree cover so that vehicles can approach it easily without having to do a lot of navigation, its almost always between the flak and the med and set a little further back.
9 Oct 2014, 18:52 PM
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Make sure you place your trucks in positions you are likely not to lose them , they are quite huge investments actually and you will have to wait about 2 minutes for a new truck to arive.

if you lose your flakhq without having the necessary units built from it you can most likely already gg out. some make sure you put your trucks def. That does not mean to put them in your base though. I recommend to not use flak ht to guard a Vp but rather your cutoff and have it in a position close to your troops so you can react when it under attack, Med truck should be a FHQ style thing , but also keep it in a safe spot
20 Oct 2014, 11:57 AM
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Usually my Med truck is behind a shot blocker of some sort and is forward enough to allow rapid access back to the battle, but far enough back that the enemy doesn't accidentally stumble into it. Its a fine line between too far forward and too far back.

My Mech truck is usually somewhere really un-obvious, but near a road. Sometimes near the edge of the map, closer to my base than any of the others. Somewhere it is easily accessible to reverse your vehicles to, and far enough back that enemy tanks don't chase you down.

My Flak truck is usually protecting the fuel, sometimes a VP. But usually the fuel. Usually I stick it behind some green cover. Sometimes that helps to block/deflect the first few tank/AT shots its bound to receive during an attack.
21 Oct 2014, 18:38 PM
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I usually place my flak truck near the fuel of the closest VP. I will almost always lose it if I put it near a center VP but will stupidly still put it there from time to time. I always put the BGHQ in my base so troops heal when they return.
Can I ask everyone where they would tend to put their Flak truck on a big map like Vaux farmlands? The fuel is on the extreme end of the map. I've had it work very good when positioned near the fuel but being thrown back without AT usually causes me to lose it late game. Do you put it near the middle, en route to the fuel or risk it and put in near the corners?
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