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Operation Market Garden Major update!

25 Sep 2014, 05:09 AM
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Operation Market Garden (OMG) is a persistent, multiplayer only modification. Players design their own company online and join battles against other players. When the dust settles you keep your company, buy replacements for your losses and move on to the next battle. We put a strong emphasis on balance, community, transparency, and fun. Currently in an open beta, we are constantly improving, adding new OMG features and content.

Head on over to http://www.omgmod.org/frontpage.php to get started!


-All new companies now start with 4 VPs, this helps new players and people who join later into the war. It also allows for a little initial company customization.
-In game unit health and xp will be displayed when a unit is selected, this will be useful for aiding all player skill caps, but especially less experienced players.
-Minimum platoon population for deployment is now 7, this better fits a lot of our current unit pop value strategy much better than 8 without allowing too many more call in combos.
-VPs are now capped at 50 VPs per company, this will allow for a more even playing field for everyone but also cause players to have to give more thought to what abilities or resource bonuses they actually choose.
-Loading screen messages have been updated with tips. Try to collect them all! (No cheating!)


Note: If you participated in a map test please go into your omg/archives folder in your install directory and delete the beta map, i.e. "6p_beta4.sga" to avoid potential errors.

Bois Jacque (3v3)
-New snow map.

Purple Heart Lane (4v4)
-Has been upgraded and put back into the mod after a very long absence.

Fancy town (3v3)
-A lot of changes in both detail and object placement, pretty much a rework.

Beachhead (4v4)

-Loading screen.
-Preview image.
-More detail.

Amfreville (3v3)

-Loading screen.
-Preview image.
-More detail.
-Lake size reduction.

Tier 1 Doctrines:


Close and Spray

-Removed from the game.

Reinforced Structures

-Has replaced Close and Spray.
-Health on Medic Tents, Triage Centers, and Machine Gun nests increased by 50%.

Got a Light?

-Infantry Mortar Flare now made as part of the unit by default.



-Bulldozer and Mineflail speed reduction now reduce speed at a factor of .75 instead of .5.

Jeep Mechanics

-Renamed to Mechanics.
-Also applies to M3 Half-tracks.


Big Booms

-Airborne now toss 2 Satchel Charges instead of one. Old ability to purchase multiple grenades or satchels removed.

Baseball Toss

-Swapped to T2, replaced by house to house.
-All Airborne throw Grenades, Satchels, and Smoke Grenades 50% farther.

House to House

-Swapped to T1.
-Airborne may now throw grenades and smoke grenades from buildings.


A Valued Cargo

-Opel Blitz trucks now have half-track armor. In addition, the 88 and Flakvierling weapons have 35% more HP.


Radio Disruption

-Units within 7.5 unit radius of Radio Disruption offmap ability gain camouflage temporarily for 5 seconds, but weapons are disabled. Applies only to your own units. 3 purchases.


Mechanized Escorts

-Emplacement trucks now have 50% faster top speed, accel, and decel. Also have 20% more health. In addition, 25 Pounders and Bofors weapons have 35% more HP.

Speaking From the Pulpit

-CCTs command both armor and infantry.
-Timed ability to do it now removed.


Dynamic Cover

All medium armor and Tiger may use smoke screen similar to the Sherman ability.
3 uses, same as Sherman cost.

Tier 2 Doctrines:

Tier 2 doctrines released. Currently you can buy them without having to purchase any Tier 1 doctrines. This may change in the future however. Note: For Scotched Earth Sector Disable, this ability is currently not working as intended. Ability will neutralize the sector, but it can still be captured.


Bug fixes:


-Rifleman can technically no longer build Observation Posts.
-No longer able to purchase both a Mine Flail and a Bulldozer on all Sherman variants when using Amour doctrine upgrade.
-"Setting up the Field" (American Infantry T1) now allows Riflemen to build wire and sand bags as intended.
-Mechanized Infantry half-track deployment now works.
-Mechanized Infantry retreat now works.
-Mechanized Infantry aura no longer stack.
-Airborne Machine Gun and Mortar are now properly named in the WarCP.
-Airborne "Support Teams" doctrine unlock now correctly states that the crews are replaced with Airborne as the crew.
-All American "Sherman" type tanks may now deploy Bulldozer blade and Mineflail properly.
-American Hellcat pop in-game is now 10 instead of 6.


-Recon Infantry Sections no longer able to build Mortar Emplacements.
-British Walking Wounded no longer able to build emplacements and trenches.
-Sapper WarCP vet 3 no longer says that they can move at full speed in enemy territory without a Sergeant; this was false.
-Sapper Disposal and Detection Section description now says it provides a Sergeant.
-RCA Mortar pop in-game is now 4 instead of 6.
-Devils Brigade can once again purchase booby traps.


-Fixed "Experienced Sergeants", it now targets sturmpios and saboteurs as well.
-Blitzkrieg Assault Grenades fixed.
-Blitzkrieg Tank Smoke fixed, no longer infinite uses. Number of uses set to 3 as intended.
-Terror Officer initial cool-down removed.
-KCH passive health re-gen now works.
-Volks Panzerfaust ability no longer conflicts with Assault Grenades.
-Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Smoke Grenade tool tip updated and gives two uses instead of 1.
-Sighted Weapons now works with KCH.
-Tracer Rounds received accuracy de-buff no longer stacks.
-PIATs can now hit Panthertum.
-Fixed a bug where a Tier 1 Defensive doctrine upgrade was giving the Medic Bunker free extra HP.
-Panzer Officer is now 3 pop as intended, before he was 2.
-Vet 1 on Wehrmacht Panther and Panzer 4 listed "skirts now available for purchase" previously. This has now been fixed.

Panzer Elite:

-Ostfront Veterans G43 Slow now works.
-Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite Smoke Grenade tool tip updated and gives two uses instead of 1 likes it's allied counterpart.
-Buying 2 purchases of Mortar HT Flame upgrade now actually gives all 4 uses. Before it still gave 2.
-Gebirgsjaeger may now purchase Panzerfausts on the WarCP.
-T1 Tank Hunters double at grenade throw animation fixed so it is used for both throws.
-T1 Luftwaffe Stuka Terror Dive offmap no longer inflict criticals.
-Panzer Elite Infantry Half-track pop in-game is now 2 instead of 3.

Balance Update:


-Jumbo Bulldozer price increased to 45 MU from 35 MU.
-Mine Flail on all Sherman tanks except Jumbo reduced to 30 MU.
-Airborne Sniper pop reduced from 8 to 7.
-Mechanized Infantry now receive their Vehicle Aura from all Allied Armor (excluding Bren Gun Carriers, Universal Carriers, and Jeeps).
-Mechanized Infantry aura buff changed to .2 received suppression from .5 received suppression.
-Mechanized Infantry sight range changed to 35 from 30.
-Mechanized Infantry population reduced to 4.
-Decrease price of BARs to 55 MU from 75 MU.
-Increase pop of Pershing to 16 Pop from 15 Pop.
-Decrease pop of Jeeps to 2 Pop from 3 Pop.
-Change resupply of Pershing to 1 every 2 games.
-Decrease price of Easy Eight Tank Commander to 35 MU from 50 MU.
-Decrease price of Greyhound Mine to 40 MU for 1 use. Allow second purchase for additional use.
-Decrease price of T17 White Phosphorous Rounds to 40 MU for 2 uses. Allow second purchase for additional 2 uses.
-Hardcap removed on Pershing.
-Decrease pop of T17 to 7 from 8.
-Decrease pop of M8 to 7 from 8.
-Increase uses of Sherman Smoke to 3 from 2.
-Chaos Marines added to the game. Pop of 8 price of 350 man 100 mun. Can upgrade with a heavy bolter for 75 mun.
-Recon run cost increased to 50MU from 45MU.


-Supercharged RCA upgrades moved to Tier 2 doctrines.
-17 Pounder health increased to 390 from 300 (same as other AT Guns).
-Reduce price of Infantry Section to 200 MP from 210 MP.
-Increase price of Infantry Section Sergeant to 50 MP from 40 MP.
-Increase price of Recon Section to 220 MP from 210 MP.
-Recon Section sight range reduced to 35 unit range with Marksman Snipe upgrade.
-Increase price of Rifle Grenades to 120 MU from 100 MU.
-Increase cooldown of Rifle Grenades Smoke to 150 seconds from 90 seconds.
-Move Heroic Charge to Vet 0 at 70 MU from Vet 1 at 30 MU.
-Move Retreat to Captain to Vet 0 at 150 MU from Vet 2 at 40 MU.
-Retreat to Captain cooldown increased to 10 minutes from 8 minutes.
-Move Victor Target to Vet 0 on Captain as part of unit.
-Increase Captain to 300 MP 70 MU from 300 MP 60 MU.
-Decrease pop of Universal carrier to 2 Pop from 3 Pop.
-Decrease pop of Priest to 9 Pop from 10 Pop.
-Decrease pop of Kangaroo Carrier to 7 Pop from 8 Pop.
-Trench now receive a 1.3 accuracy modifier to make it comparable to yellow cover; it is still slightly better than yellow cover. Effectively, most other weapons will only be marginally better than they are now.
-Radio disruption offmap increased to 40MU from 30MU to better reflect it's new strength.
-Decrease Priest Supercharge upgrade pop to 1 from 3.


-Panzer Officer can no longer capture territory when in a tank or vehicle (except halftracks of course).
-Stealth detection of Officer removed when in tank or vehicle.
-Removed Blitz Officer offmap.
-Blitz Officer tank bonus reworked to give: +5 LOS in replacement of the +15% accuracy. (Final buff given by him are now; +5 LOS, +20% acceleration and deceleration, +20% turret rotation, 15% reload reduction.
-Remove Defensive Combat Medic invincibility ability.
-Added CCS Healing to Defensive Bunkers when Combat Medics are inside Bunkers (all but pantherturn).
-Decrease price of Volksgrenadiers MP40s to 55 MU from 70 MU.
-Decrease price and pop of Geshutzwagen price to 270 MP 180 F 7 Pop.
-Decrease pop of Stug to 8 Pop from 9 Pop.
-Decrease pop of Bikes to 2 Pop from 3 Pop.
-Decrease pop of Puma to 7 Pop from 8 Pop.
-Change resupply of Tiger to 1 every 3 games.
-Change resupply of King Tiger to 1 every 3 games.
-Increase pop of Mortar Bunker to 4 Pop from 3 Pop.
-Decrease pop of Panthertum to 3 Pop from 4 Pop.
-Increase price of Bunker to 30 MU from 20 MU.
-Decrease pop of Medic Bunker to 1 Pop from 2 Pop.
-Hardcap removed on Tiger.
-Decrease price of Volksgrenadier Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
-Decrease price of KCH Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
-Decrease price of 75mm Half-track to 260 MP 60 F 5 Pop from 260 MP 90 F 6 Pop.
-Goliath now cost 1 pop
-Change slotting of pioneer upgrades to avoid flamethrower/Karbine conflict and promote Karbine use, pioneers can buy more bunkers when not upgraded with weapons than before.
-Walking Stuka Incendiary Barrage damage over time value increased by 50%.
-Tier 1 Blitzkrieg Artillery Observation price reduced to 20 MU per use from 30 MU per use .
-Decrease price of Walking Stuka to 200 MP 225 F from 280 MP 240 F.
-Fog of war offmap increased to 35MU from 30MU.

Panzer Elite:

-Hetzer vet 2 changed, can no longer turn while cloaked, reload reduction 15%->20%.
-Hummel vet 3 changed to 20% less received damage, in line with all other artillery.
-Brumbar flame shell removed; unlocked at in tier 2 doctrines.
-Decrease price of Fallsshirmjaeger to 250 MP from 270 MP.
-Decrease price of FG42s to 140MU from 150 MU.
-Decrease price of G43s to 55MU from 60 MU.
-Increase price of Panzergrenadier G43s+Slow to 80MU from 75 MU.
-Increase price of Ostfront Veterans G43s+Slow to 90 MU from 85 MU.
-Decrease price of Ostfront Veterans to 300 MP 0 MU from 330 MP 40 MU.
-Ostfront may purchase Ostfront Timed Democharges at 40 MU, which has unlimited uses (as currently implemented).
-Decrease price of Marder to 270 MP 180 FU from 300 MP 180 F.
-Decrease pop of Scout Car to 3 Pop from 4 Pop.
-Decrease pop of P4 IST to 10 Pop from 11 Pop..
-Decrease pop of Armored Car to 5 Pop from 6 Pop.
-Decrease price of Panzer 4 IST Skirts to 90 MU from 100 MU.
-Decrease pop of Jagdpanther to 16 Pop from 17 Pop.
-Change resupply of JagdPanther to 1 every 3 games.
-Change resupply of Panther to 1 for every 2 games.
-Decrease price of Luftwaffe Ground Forces to 180 MP from 210 MP.
-Remove Advanced Repairs from Luftwaffe Ground Forces.
-Advanced Repairs upgrade available to Luftwaffe Ground Forces.
-Increase price of Advanced Repairs to 35 MU from 25 MU. (LGF and PGren)
-Decrease price of Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
-Decrease pop of Bergetiger to 5 Pop from 6 Pop.
-Decrease price of Luftwaffe Ground Forces G43s to 55 MU from 60 MU.
-Decrease price of Fallshirmjaeger G43s to 85 MU from 95 MU.
-Increase price of Gebirgsjaeger to 200 MP 100 MU from 150 MP 100 MU.
-Decrease price of Panzergrenadier Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
-Decrease price of Ostfront Veterans Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
-Decrease price of Fallshirmjaeger Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
-Decrease price of Gebirgsjaeger Panzerfaust to 30 MU from 35 MU.
-Decrease price of Ostfront Veterans G43s to 65 MU from 70 MU.

TLDR Notes:

Claim your reward unit here!

Expect global veterancy, reward unit, and repair rate rework in the not too distant future!

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