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OKW vs Soviets

1 Sep 2014, 18:55 PM
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Hey guys,

I have been starting to play COH 2 lately (Played COH 1 a lot before but not on an competitive level)

OKW is my favorite in COH 2 but I am really struggling against soviets. The last game was a really pain in the ass for me.

First he spammed M3s with Flamethrowers - I got Panzershreks + PAK as soon as possible but wasn't able to do much. So I tried to rush an Luchs, which got him pushed back a little.

Since I thought I would have supremacy he killed me with ISU Heavy tanks....

I know that my micromanagement could be a lot better, but what could I have done better in

Thanks for your help guys ;)

1 Sep 2014, 19:31 PM
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Hello MrCinderella,

I'm not that good at going into details and giving an exact "if you do this then that" but...
It seems like early game, you did well with the kubel and the sturmpio's, fighting the M3a1. I must also say that the soviet player spammed the shit out of them.

But what i noticed is that you lose way too many units. Now you can say, "so did the soviet player", but he can afford those losses cause he doesn't require tech.

Now after 2 or 3 skirmishes with the M3a1, you decided to get panzershreks. This is a good idea to support your kubel and sturms but you really can't afford to lose these squads.

What is even worse is that the enemy stole the shreks. At that point it already looked GG for me, but you kept fighting with much zeal!!!!

If you would have kept all your units, combined with the luchs, you could have done much better.
Also gotten some more raketn against the is-2. blablabla if this then that

It pretty much comes down to unit preservation. You have any other questions?
1 Sep 2014, 19:35 PM
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If you wonder how other people beat certain strategies, I advise you to tune in on some of the top tier players streams. You can see them on the front page of the site.
1 Sep 2014, 19:46 PM
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Thanks for your reply. So unit preservation is the key word ! Yeah I lost a lot back then.

But what about the Strategic Points ? Should I try to cap more?
1 Sep 2014, 19:52 PM
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The map you were playing is a bit annoying :p

Otherwise the ammo point is a dangerous spot cause of the red cover. Can work for you or against you.

Plus you could have used mines to immobilize the m3a1
since you had 2 sturmpio's

Mapwise you were pretty solid with your fuel attached and close to 2 vp's. You should really see a huge difference in your games if you're able to keep those first squads alive.

1 Sep 2014, 20:34 PM
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Thanks alot for your help dude :)
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