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[4v4] Clanladder Dueling Room

13 Aug 2014, 23:43 PM
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As most of you have hopefully read, this thread is where all formal challenges must be made in order to proceed your team through the tournament. We're making this separate thread just so we can more conveniently keep tabs on all formal challenges, acceptances, and declines. It's usually the captain's role to take care of these responsibilities, but we all are busy people, so it's alright as long as you're speaking on behalf of your clan.

REMEMBER, all results and replays need to given to us through the other 4v4 Clanladder Thread: HERE

Alright folks, let's kick off the season! Don't forget the first due date for results and replays is Friday August 22nd!


Every team has a week to assert a challenge. So only one match up between teams every week. Fridays are the golden due date for game results and replays. If you don't play that week you don't get points. We'll help you if you need more time because people need to get together or things of that nature, but Fridays are what matter.

Now if your team is challenged, you can accept or decline. You can only have 3 declines for the entire tournament which should go on for many weeks. So use them carefully. If you challenge a team and they decline, you can challenge another team. Keep in mind you can only have one matchup every week, so if you are challenged by multiple teams you can only play one. If you choose one challenge over another challenge, the challenge you did not choose is NOT a decline. You're just making a choice. Lastly, You cannot challenge the same team twice until you've played all other teams.

All replays must be sent to either Kreatiir or me. We will keep tally of all points and will act as referees for the tournament.


This way we can keep track of all challenges and results in a more controllable manner.

Because we aren't forcing any match ups and teams to play each other, there's a lot of freedom we're giving the teams. Have fun, try to win, play fairly, and bring your team 4v4 glory. This Tournament is the first of it's kind.

The first due date (and therefore the end of round one) will be FRIDAY, AUGUST 22ND. Because it's Week 1 your first round will be a little longer than a week to prepare.

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know here. Thank you all for your co-operation
16 Aug 2014, 23:32 PM
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Any team want to play us?
16 Aug 2014, 23:37 PM
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Ok sure. The mTw clan challenges you and your 3 best players to a match! Saturday - Tuesday Evenings are good for us.
17 Aug 2014, 11:52 AM
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Awesome, thank ya'll for getting the ball rolling. Good luck to both clans.
17 Aug 2014, 19:56 PM
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Anyone Fancy Challenging Smoke Mid Every Day?
17 Aug 2014, 20:12 PM
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Sure, TAB.eu wants to :)
25 Aug 2014, 08:37 AM
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Congratz to The Angry Bears, Eu division for winning his the first official CLANWAR between them and SMED!
2-0 gives them 3 points and takes them to the top of the ladder!
25 Aug 2014, 09:37 AM
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25 Aug 2014, 14:38 PM
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pod.Nordwind plays today against Federation of Gamers - challenge from both teams accepted.
25 Aug 2014, 14:53 PM
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Good luck both :)
25 Aug 2014, 18:01 PM
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Match is done. Replays posted in den Clanladder Thread :) pod wins the round with 2-0
27 Aug 2014, 21:14 PM
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Smoke Mid Every Day would like to challenge StormCloud Gaming.
29 Aug 2014, 17:56 PM
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Is this going to be responded to? Or does it count as a decline?
30 Aug 2014, 09:50 AM
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Always sent a PM first, if the challenge gets accepted put it in this topic.
7 Sep 2014, 09:14 AM
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Right does anyone wanna challenge SMED?
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