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Wehr sniper as ukf

27 May 2021, 20:32 PM
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How do you deal with this boring ass meta? Every single game I play against wehr, they always get sniper, always. Theres no effective way to deal with this besides a counter sniper, which is much slower to shoot,comes way too late, expensive as shit and hinders your section upgrades which without them makes your mainline infantry a pile of shit. carrier doesnt work, deals no damage at all to the sniper on the move and you cant chase without losing it to a faust or small arms fire. This faction is shit honestly. You cant lose a single unit early or you're fucked. infantry sections are a big pile of shit and basically tickle the sniper if you're chasing him. If you pull off a flank he just needs to press t and he can easily escape. Whats left? You can't delay till you get a tank because oops, theres no cheap light tank you can get and you need a shit load of fuel to get a tank. What do you guys do to deal with this annoying shit honestly? And of course after you try to counter snipe the sniper youre fucked in another way... a few minutes after he will bring out a 222 and oops, you have no manpower because the sniper is bleeding you + all your units are too fucking expensive to get.
22 Jun 2021, 12:01 PM
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Sounds more like a rant than a request for advice.

Snipers are a tool to bleed manpower. It just so happens that the Universal Carrier does the exact same job. You poke at your opponent's infantry, forcing him to withdraw or try to close the distance. Which is exactly what you're doing with the enemy's sniper, no?

The idea is to bleed your opponent as heavily as possible as he tries to push into you. If he decides to save manpower, you get more map control.

The Carrier's job is not to chase down the sniper. That's probably the quickest way to lose it. Think of it as your own sniper. Opponent bleeds you, you bleed your opponent.
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