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[NCP] 2's preview

by Frost 19th April 2019, 11:01 AM
  • [00:00:10] Kpen97 The Meme Barer™: gfl hf
  • [00:00:15] Finndeed: u2
  • [00:00:45] Finndeed: oh look, more areas for my tanks to get stuck Kappa
  • [00:00:53] Kpen97 The Meme Barer™: MVGame
  • [00:01:32] Frost: urban assault lmao
  • [00:02:35] Frost: you know how to made me lovin you, dont ya? :d
  • [00:02:42] Finndeed: sorry
  • [00:02:43] Kpen97 The Meme Barer™: wut
  • [00:02:51] Finndeed: he loves snipers
  • [00:02:58] Kpen97 The Meme Barer™: Kappa
  • [00:03:00] Finndeed: ill put it on kpens side
  • [00:03:01] Frost: :D
  • [00:14:22] Kpen97 The Meme Barer™: lol
  • [00:17:09] Finndeed: target tank only is broken on the su 76
  • [00:43:49] Kpen97 The Meme Barer™: gg
  • [00:43:50] Finndeed: gg
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19 Apr 2019, 11:01 AM
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Was a good match tho, really well done for allies and Kpen, they have shown a decent chunk of new commanders but imo, grens really suffer to new SVT cons and without rifle nades I wouldn't trade with them effectively. The same goes for SU-76s which shreded all my T3 units, especially stugs which suffers really great due lack of range and rate of fire (but on the other hand I love their efficiency vs SU85s).
Still, I'd like to hear Finnded's voice on that "problem" and his feelings about that.
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