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This is why Ostheer is no fun to play.

by edibleshrapnel 11th February 2016, 01:54 AM
Angoville (2)
  • [00:00:13] edibleshrapnel: You gonna spam clown cars again?
  • [00:34:30] edibleshrapnel: nice blobs bro
  • [00:35:44] edibleshrapnel: jeezus
  • [00:35:46] edibleshrapnel: gardening three
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11 Feb 2016, 01:54 AM
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Yup, I got beat by some new player with Con spam, Penals, and T34-85's. He fielded like 5 different units, not including his stolen mg's. Disappointing really, how easy it is for Soviet players to win with minimal skill, micro, or unit preservation, all things that should make a good RTS. And then we have the Ostheer, which requires a bloody good player to utilize and win, and requires you to be very good at microing and unit preservation, so you could tell I was average. I'm ashamed to say I think this game is fucked beyond all measures salvageable, gg Relic. Too concerned with bloody tournaments and stupid events that you can't fix a three year old game. I've spent too much fucking money on these guys.

And hopefully to not come across as a self righteous douchy twat, I realize I'm not DevM, or even high skill player, but this isn't reciprocal in any other game, having some fucking new guy beat some old dog with no skill or strategy. Flail around your army, cap. Repeat.
11 Feb 2016, 18:44 PM
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This is not a new pleayer.

It's Serj AKA Kodziro AKA cpt. Molo.
12 Feb 2016, 20:10 PM
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This is not a new pleayer.

It's Serj AKA Kodziro AKA cpt. Molo.

In which case dont be so hard on yourself edible....even top players know mr molo, hell even vindicare had to spank him just the other day!
14 Feb 2016, 03:47 AM
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the reason why cpt molo sometimes wins, he makes his smurf accs/change name, ppl gets suprised by his hardcore spam strats, but if u know when game starts who is he, u are more prepared for his strats. If i lose him usually, its coz he has new name and i cant regocnize him, but usually beat him on second game when i know who he is Kappa
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