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A_E's P.I.S.S. event starting this Sunday

Welcome to a semi-regular series of show-matches starting this Sunday! Welcome to A_E's Patreon Invitational Sunday Showdown...

That's right A_E's P.I.S.S. will hit your screens this Sunday, when you'll get to see a dazzling Fall Balance Patch best-of-three featuring two community legends in the dastardly Dutchman |GB|TheHooligan vs. the cunning Brit Finndeed.

These two warriors have utmost parity and always have competitive battles, this week they will fight to the death under competitive conditions for the first time, for your viewing pleasure and a grand prize of £10.00!!!

There will be Discord live-chat before and after with both players for you to enjoy, together with additional on-stream content of an undecided, interactive, and possibly improvised nature. Perhaps featuring Strategic Zoom Cast perhaps featuring live guitar - regardless entertainment will be guaranteed.

The stream of P.I.S.S. will be live this Sunday at: 18GMT/ 19BST/ 20CEST

on twitch.tv/AECoH and uploaded to YouTube thereafter.

In future weeks the idea is that The Patreon will fund show matches and small invitational tournaments that gives us all something to watch on a regular basis. It will expand in scope based on the budget at hand, but the mission will always be to entertain you the fans.

So if you'd like to donate a monthly amount to fund a modest measure of regular competitive CoH content please head over to patreon.com/AECoH. (Fund is for A_E's output in general, with a view to creating competitive CoH entertainment).

It is hoped that A_E's P.I.S.S. will grow into a steady flow of activity.. that will eventually lead to events of a higher calibre and greater magnitude. Invitational mini-tournaments, and possibly fund collaborative events such as King of the Hill.

Good luck to both players and see you on the battlefield comrades.

Announcement in video form:


Playlist of first event

See you all next Sunday for the next showdown.


Sign-ups for week 2 now open.
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Factional Showdown E2: USF vs. OKW this Friday


unknown 32
Germany 4
Poland 3

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  • U.S. Forces flag G.dot
  • Soviets flag [L2P]BartonPL
  • The British Forces flag Siddolio
  • Soviets flag [L2P]IIPLIICaptainSPrice
  • Oberkommando West flag CrossFire
  • Ostheer flag VonAsten
  • Ostheer flag Scotch
  • Oberkommando West flag RUKAclNoggano
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