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15 Sep 2017, 12:11 PM
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Absolver had a rocky start* and it isn't a RTS-title - but damn am I loving it (I had never played brawlers before).

It is basically "The Matrix Re-imagined". It invokes the feeling of CoH1 for me in being simple but deep, with a super compelling art-style.

It has a minuscule campaign (3 hours or so) and then it is all online PvP, mainly 1v1 (if you don't live in the EU, N. America or Asia, check out other people's recent experiences in your part of the world before buying, since they are adding and improving servers).

The gist; you fight and learn new moves by toying with an enemy that has moves that you don't. You don't learn if you don't win. You can equip 16 distinct moves for 8 openings and a gazillion^2 combinations.

There's also a "CP" system, where you can use small "powers" or pull weapons - which can also be taken from you and plunged into your soft, squishy belly (And then there's even more stuff than you'd care to read about, of course - I'm just giving you the basics here).

The Dev-team is small and pretty independent, so communication is honest when it is there and they seem to be very much on the ball with the patches, if not day-to-day communication.

If you're in need of game in which you can get good without meta getting stale and shitty devs, give it a look. It can be played with mouse and keyboard, but a controller is recommended. Let's you build up that controller confidence, so you can come back to CoH2 and beat Luvnest at his own game with a steam-controller :P


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Reddit seems the most healthy Absolver community

* They sold way beyond their indie expectations, crippling their servers. This resulted in mixed reviews and dedicated steam-trolls. There are legit criticisms of the game (it was released without anti-cheat measures and still haven't got a rank-system; it has bugs) and there is baseless whining (people wanting it to be a PvE game instead, people who claim it is just spam without understanding how to counter the simple stuff), but the gameplay is really solid IMO.
23 Sep 2017, 21:15 PM
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After watching the Iron fist and Defender series, I am itching for some sick looking fight scenes, and after watching some gameplay, this does seem to provide that.
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