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Review my first 1v1 replays? Any help needed.

19 Aug 2017, 15:56 PM
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This was my first true 1v1 win. Any comments or suggestions?

Ive lost worse to the soviets a few times, but I dont have replays. This is vs USF. Any suggestions?
23 Aug 2017, 18:14 PM
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Hey Samuel! I'll take a look at those replays tomorrow when I get home :) I see your ingame name is "Magnum PI" so I won't mess up:D

Good luck and have fun otherwise! ;)
24 Aug 2017, 12:51 PM
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First replay:


- so first off, you can probably expect an Armor doctrine from your enemy, based on the loadout (selfmade bet done in loading screen, and yes, he chose it)

- don't rush to pick a doctrine, unless you have a really firm plan, and even then, be ready to adapt

- don't rush fuel if you don't rush the cutoff (your starting sturms rushed fuel, while your volks rushed the point next to the house). also, a kübel start against USA can work well, because of their teching -> you lost 7 fuel because of it (because it wasn't connected to your main territory for a minute, and fuel points increase fuel income by 7/min

- always search for cover when capping a point, so you maintain good defence and offence to the enemy (your troops were standing in negative cover [taking extra damage] and you had to move them to cover [dealing less damage - because of the reduced accuracy]) + you had to soft-retreat them to the house, which took away more and more potential damage, enabling the enemy to get some free damage output

- cover has a minimum distance. even when you are in a house and the enemy is behind a stone wall (both heavy cover) at close-up, the effects of cover diminishes. basically, your troops were against 3v4 because they stayed in the house, losing 25% of the DPS, taking lots of damage because how riflemen weapons excel at mid-range (or any range except long vs volks)

- lots of idle times for your troops. either place mines, build sandbags, or simply take enemy territory

- 3 minute kübel is a bit late, you should either get it right off the bat, or in the late game if you don't know what to spend your manpower on

- use attack move (A by default, Q with grid keys), this way your units will stop when engaging enemies (the max distance where a unit can operate), so your unit won't lose it's standing accuracy (more damage output) + you'll have more time to react

- too late teching (4.20 minutes and still now truck even built), you could've easily driven off the riflemen from the church if you had teched and threw a flame nade at it

- 7 minute mark - your sturmpio is standing still for 3 minutes now, at the top VP - they could've repaired the kübel and built some mines

- don't use your luchs as a frontline brawler against infantry with AT nades (mainly USA riflemen, but same against most soviet troops), you should use it as a support vehicle, standing behind your infantry, sniping the enemy at distance outside AT nade and zook, or chase down retreating infantry

- use raketenwerfers as ambushers, don't place them in houses against infantry

- 19 min mark: going battlegroup HQ is a bad idea, your volks were over vet3, so selfhealing was active outside combat

Otherwise, GG and well played :thumb:


Second replay:

- based on loading screen: "jaeger armor" isn't really a 1v1 commander, I suggest you swap it out with "lightning war", if you insist on using it, "fortified armor" is still a better choice

- you should never close in with grenadiers, they are a beast only at max range (due to their bolt action rifles)

- if your team weapons got discovered in a building (your MG in this case) and facing a mortar on the opposing side, move them between firefights to avoid unnecessary losses

- your pioneers should've capped the remaining points at the south (VP and muni), not just retreat

- one of your grenadiers were idle for a very long time in the north (VP and muni), should've constantly contested the north fuel

- the flame barrage on the mortars with the mortar HT was a really efficient use to bring chaos on them

- 13.30 minute mark 222 is really obsolete (you've got plenty of fuel to tech up and go for a tank)

- no fuel points, so a stug + another mortar HT would've been much much better (you could've predicted a sherman), instead of the ostwind

The main problem was, throughout the whole match, was your high passivity and tunnelvision to the middle and north part of the map.

Hope I helped :)
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