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"Blobbing" in COH 1&2

10 Jun 2016, 19:09 PM
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People throw this word around a lot with some sort of negative connotation in both games without really understanding how the game is played or how real wars are fought for that matter. You can break blobbing down in to 3 categories.

1) Blobbers that are terrible at the game, usually new players. Cannot multitask at all, get trashed vs anyone decent.

2) People that are actually decent at playing the game, blob because it is the most effective way to play the faction. Includes some vcoh OF players (Xcom for example is good with vanilla factions, blobs with Brits because that is how the faction works). Also includes OKW and USF, has included Ost/Soviets in previous patches (Soviets are still kinda blobby IMO but not nearly as bad as the WFA factions).

3) Tactical blobbing. Factions that are not poorly designed to reward blobbing, but blobbing can still work in the right scenarios. Includes US and WM from vcoh, and Ostheer. Blobbing is not "the way" to play these factions, but you may do it anyway if you catch someone out of position, vs certain strats like Volk spam or FHQ, or to bait someone in to buying artillery only to stop blobbing after they wasted resources.

There is no reason to complain about #1, if you lose to these guys its a l2p issue. If you are constantly butthurt over #2, you probably just don't like the game as much as you pretend to. CptSprice doesn't ruin the game, the game is just badly designed.

I've seen some people in vcoh bitching and moaning about #3 a lot lately, I assume it happens in COH2 also. Its how the game is played, you aren't any better of a COH player because you have some code of honor where you only make a certain number of infantry and keep them a certain distance apart. If you knew when to blob and did it at the correct times, you would win more games. Half the people that complain about it don't even have a consistent definition of a blob. One game you're blobbing because you have 8 infantry units spaced over the entire map, the next game you're blobbing because you ran up behind a MG with 3 squads. The game is a balancing act of spreading out at the right times to capture and hold map, and converging with all your units at the right time to deal a decisive blow. Its a real life tactic, DDay is a great example.
10 Jun 2016, 19:20 PM
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Pretty much nailed it. A short way to say it is that there is a difference between blobbing (used in the negative connotation) and "force concentration" where it makes sense to have several units close together to overwhelm a position or hold a key point.

The key difference to me is that player who uses force concentration is able to maintain squad spacing/micro in general and uses it situationally.
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