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Visual Studio Code SCAR Extension

26 Mar 2016, 11:26 AM
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For a long time I've been looking into ways of making SCAR scripting easier with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that actually understands SCAR.

My most recent mods (for example CCM II) is written with my own SCAR Editor. It's coded in C# and uses Scintilla as the code editing component.
Screenshot of that:

That kind of a program quickly gets fairly complicated. Recently, I've been using Visual Studio Code for my web related projects, like my personal website.

Visual Studio Code has a wide range of user-created extensions. I decided to see if I could create such plugin for SCAR that would:
  • Highlight with a custom color:
    • SCARDOC Functions
    • SCARDOC Enums
    • SCARDOC Blueprints
    • Lua functions
    • Future, if possible: User-defiend functions

  • Autocomplete:
    • SCARDOC Functions
    • SCARDOC Enums
    • SCARDOC Blueprints
    • User-defined functions cross-workspace

  • Intellisense: Auto-complete function parameters for all SCARDOC functions, user-defined functions, and default Lua functions
  • Mouse-over help messages: Display relevant help/documentation

The beginning was extremely difficult and frustrating. Since the tool itself is kinda new, all you really have as the support for the development is the documentation and a few samples.

Here's some demos:

Intellisense: Auto-complete and parameter hint

Click to play the .webm video

Mouse-over a SCARDOC function:

Click to view full size

Mouse-over a User-defined function:

Click to view full size

Full screenshot of the editor

Click to view full size

If you are interested to test the extension, feel free to post in this thread.
  • Visual Studio Code installed
26 Mar 2016, 12:39 PM
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26 Mar 2016, 22:21 PM
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Everything seems to be in order, the extension worked on eliw00d's system as expected.
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