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15 Mar 2016, 21:50 PM
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Russian civil war period posters.

Bolshevik posters.

15 Mar 2016, 21:57 PM
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Russian civil war period posters.

White movement posters.

23 Mar 2016, 18:22 PM
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Eeer, you sure about that?

As far as I know, it was an allied soldier (Australian I believe), that shot at his plane while he was doing reconnaissance, and managed to score a point blank shot to the heart.

The story is correct. The RAF credited Captain Roy Brown with the kill (probably wrongly), and the general depiction of events is accurate:

"What happened next remains controversial to this day, but it seems highly probable that Richthofen turned to avoid Brown's attack, and then, instead of climbing out of reach of ground fire and prudently heading for home, remained at low altitude and resumed his pursuit of May, who was still zig-zagging, as he had not noticed that Richthofen had been momentarily distracted. It should be noted that it would have been physically impossible for Richthofen to have done this had he already received the wound from which he died.[3] May and Richthofen's route now took them at low level over the heavily defended Allied front line. Franks and Bennett[3] have suggested that Richthofen had become lost, as the winds that day were blowing the "wrong way", towards the west, and the fight had drifted over to the Allied side. The front was also in a highly fluid state at the time, in contrast to the more common static trench lines earlier in the Great War, and landmarks can be confusing in very low level flight.

Australian Army machine gunners on the ground fired at Richthofen, who eventually crashed near the Australian trenches. Upon viewing Richthofen's body the following day, Brown wrote that "there was a lump in my throat. If he had been my dearest friend, I could not have felt greater sorrow"[citation needed]. His initial combat report was that the fight with Richthofen was "indecisive" - this was altered by his commanding officer to "decisive".[3] Modern historical consensus suggests that Australian anti-aircraft gunner Sergeant Cedric Popkin is the person most likely to have been responsible for the shot that actually downed the Baron.[4][5]

At the time, however, Brown was officially credited with the kill by the RAF, shortly after receiving a Bar to his DSC,[6] at least partly in recognition of this feat."

23 Mar 2016, 21:17 PM
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The more you know!
Cheers Squippy
18 Jun 2016, 23:08 PM
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Tranche catapult/ballista.

4 Aug 2016, 16:21 PM
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Photos from archive.


6 Sep 2016, 15:51 PM
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The Battle of Caporetto (also known as the 12th battle of the Isonzo river) October 24th - November 12th 1917

German soldiers advancing through Isonzo's valley floor

Otto von Below, german general, chief of the 14th army

Luigi Cadorna, italian chief of staff

German and Austro-Hungarian operations

German soldiers and Italian POWs

German soldiers passing through the Maistrocca pass

Italian prisoners in Cividale

Italian POWs in Udine, Piazza Libertà

Italian soldiers digging new trenches on the Piave river

German and Austro-Hungarian soldiers taking a break in Santa Lucia d'Isonzo

German supply column in Santa Lucia d'Isonzo

Italian guns captured by the germans and the austro-hungarian troops

British reinforcements in Padova

6 Sep 2016, 16:29 PM
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Battle of the Piave river and Vittorio Veneto:

Austro-Hungarian trenches near Asolone

Damaged house near the Piave river, the writing means: "We're all heroes! We'll defend the Piave or we'll die!" (Accoppare is a colloquial verb that means "to kill" but in this sentence means "to get killed", anyway this translation isn't 100% a literal translation but the significance is the same)

Austro-Hungarian pontoon bridge

Italian propaganda poster, on left-top there are: general Armando Diaz (chief of staff of the italian army), President Raymond Poincare (president of the french republic), King Victor Emmanuel II (king of Italy), King George V of England and Woodrow Wilson (US president).
The writings near the woman (personification of Italy): From here they shall not pass.

Italian soldiers waiting the Austrian attack

Italian soldiers at the end of the battle

General Armando Diaz, new chief of staff of the italian army

General Frederick Lambard, earl of Cavan, British general on the italian front

General Jean Cesar Graziani, French general on the italian front

Arz Arthur von Straussenberg, chief of staff of the austro-hungarian army

Svetozar Boroevic von Bojna, leader of the Army Group Boroevic

Italian and French officers in the trenches

Italian 280mm howitzer

Austrian 305mm howitzer

Italian machine gunners on the Monte Grappa

Italian positions on the Piave river

Italian troops advancing on the Piave river line

Map of the Battle of Vittorio Veneto

Italian soldiers crossing the Piave

Italian infantry advancing

Italian 149/39 M1901 howitzer

Italian and Czechoslovak (on the right) troops marching behind the Piave line

Italian soldiers in the village of Nervesa

The Italian soldiers reached Trento

Austro-Hungarian soldiers retreating

Italian troops landing in Trieste

21 Oct 2016, 16:13 PM
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The italian artillery damaged this Hotel, Carbonin

Austrian positions, Monte Piana

What remains of the trees after an assault during the "Strafexpedition"

Asiago on fire, May 1916

Asiago razed to the ground

Fallen alpini during the battle of the Ortigara

15 Nov 2016, 20:18 PM
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Other pictures of the Italian Front:

Austrian lines in the Carso

Solcano (left) and the Isonzo River

20th Italian cavalry regiment in the Carso

Italian trench (5th battle of the Isonzo river)

Italian cavalrymen entering in Gorizia (6th battle of the Isonzo river)

Italian soldiers and a captured Austrian HMG (7th battle of Isonzo)

Italian infantry leaving the trenches (9th battle of Isonzo)

Alpini before the battle for Monte Ortigara (June 1917)

Heavy Italian Artillery, Monte Ortigara

Alpini observation post on Cima Levante

Italian 75mm AA gun (11th battle of Isonzo)

15 Nov 2016, 20:24 PM
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German assault platoon at Caporetto

Italian 102/35 AA Gun mounted on trucks during the retreat

New italian trench at the Piave River

Italian prisoners taken in Caporetto

Italian HMG position on the Piave River

Italian Marines

American 332nd Infantry regiment on the Italian Front

Italian and British troops passing abandoned Austrian artillery

Italian Arditi with their daggers

Austrian POWs taken in Vittorio Veneto
19 Dec 2016, 17:02 PM
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Austrian Kaiserjaegers near Castellano (1915)

Fort Mitterberg

Fort Tre Sassi, heavily damaged by the italian artillery

Austro-Hungarian Schwarzlose

Italian alpine troops

Entrance of an austro-hungarian tunnel

Conrad von Hoetzendorf, chief of the austro-hungarian army

Italian heavy artillery

Austro-Hungarian soldiers in their trenches

Austro-Hungarian propaganda postcard "Fighting for Tyrol - a new day"

Italian Poster

Austro-Hungarian soldiers falling back

Italian troops entering in Fiume

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