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Long match load times

17 Jul 2014, 21:11 PM
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I run the game on mostly all high settings. If I turn image quality down, it loads quicker, but looks unbearable so I put up with lengthier load times. The game itself runs superbly, though when it initially loads there's lag at the beginning where everything runs at high speed for about 30 seconds (which is annoying, because it seems to set me back some compared to my opponent).

My hope is that an upgrade next week will take care of the annoying load times. Does anyone have this issue, and if so, does it seem related to the processor?

Currently I run: 4GB RAM, Radeon 7790, and a Phenom II x2. Yes, only two cores. I am upgrading to 8GB RAM and an FX-6300.

17 Jul 2014, 22:42 PM
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I tend to find the first game of a session (i.e. once the game has been launched) loads quite slowly, but after that it's fine and it's RNG as to whether I load faster or slower than anyone else.
17 Jul 2014, 23:03 PM
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I tend to find the first game of a session (i.e. once the game has been launched) loads quite slowly, but after that it's fine and it's RNG as to whether I load faster or slower than anyone else.

17 Jul 2014, 23:36 PM
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I turned down my graphics when WFA launched because I was having long load times and frequent lock ups. The game is much smoother for me now, and has helped my gameplay.

It still freezes/locks up sometimes, but I think many people are experiencing this. I lost 2 LMG Grens to a shock grenade last night because I locked up when they were advancing. I was ready to move, had them selected, and then the game froze and I got to stare at the grenade in mid air for a good 15 seconds, knowing full well my squads were dead. Bummer :(
18 Jul 2014, 12:41 PM
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lowering the textures makes the game load much faster
Also if you have an SSD it helps a lot
18 Jul 2014, 13:52 PM
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When my computer was about matching yours in it's specs, I was running the game at lowest possible quality to have a decent frame rate and loading times. Even then lockups during the game sometimes happened.

CoH2 is just a resource hog, no way to overcome it other than to have a stronger machine I suppose.
18 Jul 2014, 19:57 PM
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Hm, it seems the game is just poorly optimized, more than it being a simple specs issue. That's a shame. I have great frame-rates in game, it's just this loading (I'm consistently last, and one time someone asked me if I'm playing on an iPad), and initial lag that bugs me.

I guess we'll see in a week if there's any difference.
3 Oct 2014, 00:16 AM
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Well, I upgraded to an AMD FX-6300, and the game still loads slowly. Frame rates in game are still great. It's a shame, as I see other players loading in < 30 seconds.
4 Oct 2014, 11:57 AM
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You could do a defrag of your hdd or go crazy like I did and buy a ssd (expensive but IT'S WORTH IT!)
4 Oct 2014, 18:58 PM
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I analyzed my HDD, and it shows it doesn't need any type of defragging (1%).

The game doesn't take long to boot up or anything, it's only when loading multiplayer matches, then I have to wait 40 seconds or so until everything speeds up for 10 seconds. In game FPS is silky smooth.

I play FPSs like BF4 online with no issues, I play other far more graphically intensive games like Watch_Dogs with no problems. It's just CoH2, which leads me to believe the game is just unoptimized and sluggish. It's unfortunate. I feel as if it's gotten worse since the latest hand full of patches.
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