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How to handle Pathfinder blobs in 2v2+

16 Mar 2023, 21:21 PM
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As the topic says, what's the best way to handle pathfinder blobs early in 2v2+?
17 Mar 2023, 00:52 AM
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you dont
17 Mar 2023, 03:02 AM
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Is G-Unit working?
17 Mar 2023, 13:46 PM
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Build orders and tactics:
A)For wehr
2 pio opening for cap
Pzgren company asap
251 into immediate stummel upgrade
1 gren convert into pgren/ just build pgren
base heals whenever u feel them necessary, but not before stummel(!)
If u saved enough manpower and muni u might consider to build a medic bunker on ur base to save fuel for earlier p4 and occasional extra gren squad which can be used for merging purposes
If u go mechanised BG, go for left tree and unlock LV cap with smoke and then 8rad (if Stummel was wiped then consider to get 8rad if it is too far for getting a PIV) or if everything is going according to plan then unlock zeroing arty and Wespe
If u go for Luftwaffe, go for left tree for supressive call in into falls then flsmpio into reduced mp bleed
Last 2 abilities according to ur playstyle, but i reccomend to consider get an lg40 in late game rather then 88 because lg40 can retreat and move in camouflage like raketen in its old days

Tactics and tips with this build order:
In start of the game cap as much points as you can, scout with pios like its coh2
Grens are not ur main combat unit but mobile reinforcement like conscripts (merge)
Supress pfinders and get close with pios, reinforce pios with grens
Dont be afraid to risk, pios are dirty cheap so u can afford to lose 1 squad in afford to hold important ground like big fuel point for a little longer, HMG can be reinforced by grens with merge and also picked up+merged in case if u wasnt too cautios and catched a rifle grenade
After ur first engangement is over, ur opponent usually go for bazooka squad or bazooka paras into m16 quad
U can optionally keep 2 gren squads and build pgren later, those are not as important as stummel, and 1 gren should always be nearby in case that u r getting 2bled (sometimes brit opponent can make a move with Humber into you so he can be sure that USF player can safely play with sniper without
Stummel lacks range, but has amazing damage (expecially against blobs) and requires only 15 secs for smoke and barrage abilities to recharge.
Stummel has a weird bug which in some cases can be used as advantage: if u attack ground after smoke shell barrage, in continues to fire smoke shells mainly, to debug it use normal HE barrage
Spam barrages and smoke like there is no tommorow, use attack ground constantly
Keep HMG42 behind ur stummel so zooks cannot rush it, kite blob constantly, use attack ground if ur opponent spams smokes
If USF gets sniper, smoke sniper constantly and try to rush him with grens: full gren squad needs 2 volleys to kill a sniper so if u get into range u can force him to retreat which gives u some time
Get a pak to counter m16, also try to plant mines on key paths, but watch for flares so mines cannot be easily spotted and avoided
Remember an important weakness of USF: even 1 hit from pak of pfaust into m16 means that ur opponent retreats it into his base for mech repairs or spend 200mp immediately for engineers
In mid-late game ur main goal is to get PIV asap and deny ur opponent from getting early sherman
2 paks + PIV can deal with 2 76 shermans with right micro management, but keep getting more and more armor until ur pop cap is reached
When u have 2 PIVs consider to switch into full-agressive gameplay and constantly try to bleed ur opponent, remember that uncovered ATGs are not as powerful as they are in COH2 so u can afford to rush badly covered ATG, decrew it and destroy
If u gone into extra late game panther can be a great choice against swarms of 76s and Wespe can easily counter Bishop to help ur ally: remember that vet1 presicion barrage wipes Bishop in 9 of 10 times if brit doesnt react

Good luck, hope that my tactic helps, it saved me a lot of matches in 3v3 and also is helpful for me in 2v2
17 Mar 2023, 14:40 PM
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Build order:
Flamer for pios (optionally)
Bers bolster for 1st command point
T1 (try to skip heal truck if possible to safe fuel for early 8rad)
Healing truck
Optionally Marder
If everything goes according to plan build last hq and get PIII, then stuka, then spam PIIIs
If everything went badly, forget about last HQ and spam M13/40s backed up with 1-2 semovente, marder and let vet1 8rad grant u vision+fire rate
Tactics for this build are simple and can be separated for 3 steps:
Step 1: cap as much points as u can. Do not engage in combat unless u have to. Recon ur opponents build order. Use green cover for your advantage, camp and hull down like there is no tomorrow. If there is sniper on opponents side, flank him with krad and try to wipe. If it is not possible, forcing sniper to retreat is also OK.
Step 2: After u get 8rad, use it as agressively as u can: usually all counter to it from USF is 1-2 bazooka squads, which can be focused by ur infantry units.
If USF is no present on the map because of full-retreat, for example, consider to use 8rad on ur ally's side to wipe key units like Dingo/Humber or if there is 2nd USF then drill is pretty much the same as with ur opponents.
After getting a healing truck invest into survival package and better shells to increase efficiency of 8rad and Marder.
Step 3: After getting first medium tank keep up ur pressure and try to deny ur opponent from medium tanks by hard manpower bleed. Finish the game asap, don't stall for Tiger, do not invest in better call-ins, just fill all ur pop cap with pIIIs and m13/40s.

Marder+8rad is crazily efficient combo against pretty much any USF vehicle until Sherman. Greyhound can be wiped by fully-upgraded 8rad if Marder hits it once; For Chaffee u need to flank it and get 2 hits from Marder to be sure.

Semovente can be a good support vehicle against Sherman, so if ur opponent tries to harass u with getting it earlier just call-in semovente immediately, it is quiet cheap. Same goes for m13/40, if u invest 45 muni into armor-pearcing shells u can hunt wounded Sherman down easily.
Since Bersaglieri can sprint out of combat, flanking an HMG or a sniper with LOS provided by kradschutzen is not a big deal and crasily effective.

If u didnt invest in flamethrower, get a Grb39-upgrade for Sturmpios for smoke cover and long-range support.

As another option, if you want to play with different BG, u can try this build order:
Flamer into clowncar
Optionally HMG and 3rd sturmpio or assgren (can be crasily effective on CQC maps like Torrente)
Optionally more Spio/Pzjäger call-in
and so on

But this build is less effective. Main thing: avoid DAK pgrens, they are not cost-effective and they will be outspammed easily. If u have a need in 1-2 squads of long-range infantry consider calling in a Pzjäger and rest can be pretty well handled by Spios with Grb39s.
17 Mar 2023, 18:39 PM
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If you're DAK, just go Gren, Pio, Halftrack, get early flamethrower, roste early sniper and pathfinders which have no AT answer.
17 Mar 2023, 23:09 PM
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If you're DAK, just go Gren, Pio, Halftrack, get early flamethrower, roste early sniper and pathfinders which have no AT answer.

For dak you need to rush to a rad 6 . use 2 flame pio in the mean time
18 Mar 2023, 06:11 AM
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Thanks for your replies (especially @Yeltsin), I'll try to implement your advice.
18 Mar 2023, 17:02 PM
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there are a few ways to have things in the game that promote varied gameplay with units:
for every 2nd unit or 3th when it comes to mainline inf your unit popcap goes up by 1 or 2.

if recon popcap is 4 then the 2nd is 4 popcap the 3th is 5 popcap and so on

you can make inf more expensive to recruit after the 1st or 2nd one
so they start out as 200mp and 2nd one is 220 mp and so on

or you make it so that when there are 3 or more units near they get increase supression and pin as it makes sense for an mg to just shoot at a blob and mow them down.

these are balance things and not how to counter them as atm i am also trying to find a way
20 Mar 2023, 19:39 PM
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Jeager Spam. Why? because they are practically the same unit but much better and they will cover your needs for AT while you upgrade to Tanks.

You could build grens early game with mgs and just convert.
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