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How to use new control groups

19 Jul 2022, 17:01 PM
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Tightrope shows the new control groups of COH3 here on Youtube

So now you can assign a squad to multiple groups, as in this image, where one tank belongs to 2&3 and the other to 1,2,3:

Do you have examples, where this becomes really useful in gameplay?
19 Jul 2022, 19:01 PM
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Do you have examples, where this becomes really useful in gameplay?

Yes, I can imagine now you can dodge nades and rocket artillery like a god if you have let's say a 3-squad "blob".

The whole blob is in control group 1, and squads 1 & 2 are in control groups 2 & 3, respectively. Now you press each control group + move order into different directions in quick succession and the squads scatter super fast.

I know this is possible in coh2 already with TAB key but that one is way more far away from the main hotkeys
23 Jul 2022, 11:31 AM
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The whole blob is in control group 1,...

jup, I can imagine this being helpful for blobs I cannot micro correctly in a give moment.
For example, have 1 for four grenadiers. Can be helpful in a 2v2 to move away from base. Then two of them have LMGs in group 2 and move on attack-move while the other two are in group 3 and need to go closer.
Things like that. Big groups to move in a direction, subgroups to micro further once you get closer to the frontline.
24 Jul 2022, 06:31 AM
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All inf can be in one group, all tanks in another; then groups 3 and 4 could be combined arms tank + inf

Pretty cool. I mean I don't think I'll use it that way, but still.

Main issue for me is sniper, that one always needs his own group, might be handy having him in a subset of the inf group
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