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Thoughts about snipers?

19 Sep 2021, 20:31 PM
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I personally think the "nerf" did nothing and its complete cancer playing high level as allies and having to deal with these fucking snipers.Please tell me why you can catch a sniper off guard and rush said sniper with an m20 and it can withstand up to 3 bursts just because its retreating. So you punish a mistake yet still they can manage to escape. Its unfun, every single fucking game against and ost player, you have to play against snipers and its starting to feel like torture. theres no effective way of dealing with them unless a mistake is made on their part and even so they can still manage to survive. I also love when they get 2 and start completely melting you using that incendiary ability taking out 2 models in 1 second. Do you guys deal with similar issues or do i just suck donkey dick? thanks for hearing my vent 🤓
19 Sep 2021, 20:53 PM
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In teamgames it's nigh impossible to catch a sniper, well a sniper that is not in the hands of somebody that is first time in COH2. Don't know about 1v1s.
20 Sep 2021, 13:10 PM
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Whether or not snipers are balanced, they are simply unfun to play against as they are currently implemented.
20 Sep 2021, 14:33 PM
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The only nerf I'd give snipers is the target size. I think a target size of 1.25 would be more appropriate. Last 5 games played against sniper on maps like Across the Rheine and they are nigh impossible to kill throughout the game. Even managed to flank one with 2x rifles, 2 volleys on max range somehow dropped only ~30% hp, only after 2 volleys retreated with a low amount of hp. But otherwise I have nothing against them, they are only really cancerous on such lane-y maps with 0 flank potential
20 Sep 2021, 17:01 PM
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Like a certain other Ost unit.
20 Sep 2021, 21:27 PM
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Like a certain other Ost unit.

Build a sniper
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