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What’s the point of Stuart

5 Jul 2021, 19:57 PM
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Hi, I am struggling to use this unit effectively.

Its AI is weak and i don’t see much use for it aside from chasing 222. It’s very expensive for a mobile 222 deterrent 70 fuel for the unit and 15 fuel to unlock it. Putting a bazooka on re and LT can deter any light vehicle for a much cheaper cost so what is the point of getting a Stuart?

Any tips for using it?
8 Jul 2021, 20:54 PM
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I feel Stuart against Ost is a waste, your wasting significantly more gas to stop a pretty crappy unit. Hell, the 50 cal can do damage to it even without armor piercing bullets.
Against OKW it helps against Luchs, Flak track and can catch a Puma using its abilities. Problem is it has limited use and doesn't really excel at anything.
What commander are you using? With mines it can come in and quickly kill snared units, pathfinder can screen for it and cav Rifles can set it up for easy kills.
In all, I would say use it as a support unit not as a "feature" unit or a spearhead it will only disappoint.
9 Jul 2021, 03:29 AM
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mostly Stuart helps you subtain frontline and give Rifleman a MP bleed break.
Stun shot is a big tool in tank combat, new engineshot is kinda fine beside it hard to use.
play it like T-70 but worse
30 Dec 2021, 06:52 AM
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It would be better and help you counter the ridiculously OP MG42s if not for the crutch Panzergrens (which arrive WAY too early, negating your infantry advantage and ending any viability of light vehicles).

Works pretty well against OKW but they'll always have the extra man power for two raketens so always got to remember that.
12 Mar 2022, 17:40 PM
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Hi, I am struggling to use this unit effectively.

Any tips for using it?

Stuart is worthless and a waste a fuel. If your micro is good enough I would suggest getting two M20's instead as it actually does damage and the mines can skew a match in your favor more than the Stuart could ever hope to do.
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