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Spec ops doctrine flares

Should the spec ops doctrine flares be removed from commander (or changed)
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19 May 2021, 16:53 PM
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Just for reference, I play every faction in CoH2 regularly.
Ive seen others moaning about the flare ability aswell in previous posts, for whatever reason its still in the game and unchanged.
Dont get me wrong, I do love using this ability when I'm playing OKW but against most decent players, especially coordinated teams, this ability is quite game breaking. It essentially makes all the MGs and ATguns on the opponents team redundant in particular, it makes it impossible to draw the enemy out into an ambush, cos they will just pop a flare. Really, there is no point in the game where knowing your opponents unit displacement is not useful.
Recon planes are either a quick fly over or give limited field of view and can otherwise be shot down, thats fine. The mortar flares are a bit of a pain as well to be honest, would be more balanced as a vet 1 ability, if you take out the mortar they'd have to vet it up to use the skill again, therefore making it counterable.... I seam to remember this was the case before but I might be wrong. Anyway they have limited range. The brit flares are random and only frontline.
Spec ops flare however, is essentially a maphack, it has a huge field of view, is uncounterable, is really cheap, is spammable with a short cooldown (at least it did when I used it last). It means your opponent has to deal with Fog of War and for 60 munitions, you do not.
To be honest I dont win oftn with OKW, I use the faction the least out of all, but there are players who do know how to use the faction and can put this great ability to its full advantage especially in premade team games.
19 May 2021, 16:55 PM
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19 May 2021, 17:31 PM
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So flares replaced with sturm offizier, command panther gets flares with 60 range, sounds fair enough to me. Took long enough to sort out, will be a much needed update
19 May 2021, 18:29 PM
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I encourage to you to participate in the feedback threads, there are one for each faction as well as an general feedback thread for things that affect all factions.

They are pinned in here:
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