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Commander Update Beta 2021 - Soviet Feedback

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1 Apr 2021, 11:03 AM
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120mm Mortar
It's interesting to see an AT ability for this. If the ability works out, overall good changes.

Repair package:
Good change, but I don't think anyone will use Penals for repairs. Penal builds often come with two early pios anyway and Penals are way too expensive to use them for repairs. I don't think there is something inherently wrong with a commander focusing on Conscript builds. The issue with Soviet commanders is more that they have so many commander with 1-2 abilities that only or mostly benefit T2 builds.

These changes sound good. I hope they turn out alright.

Good to see this one gets a small utility buff.

I will predict one thing: This won't be enough. The current design still makes them bleed like hell. They have a similar bleed to old Penals. And old Penals got two changes exactly to reduce the bleed. On top of that Partisans are a CQC squad. Even if you ambush the enemy they need to retreat from very close range and will get more damage.
Additionally, I think they could use more utility instead of combat power. Soviets already have a lot of SMG units. Shocks, PPShConscripts, PPSh Penals, PPSh airborne guards. 12/22 commanders have access to some sort of offensive PPSh unit. If we count in Partisans as well we go up to 13/22. This goes to show that a combat Partisan unit is somewhat redundant despite their camo. They could have a more interesting role. Maybe even leave Partisans at 4 men if necessary, add some more abilities to support other troops. A stun grenade would fit perfectly. Flare mine, the small AT mine etc. Potentially even an upgrade with "mine detection" that let's you see mines without the ability to clear them. This even fits thematically.

ZIS-6 Cargo Truck
These trucks are a nice idea, but they unfortunately are rather useless. No one invests 200 MP into this in a 1v1, and in a 2v2 you better invest 50 MP more into a cache.

1 Apr 2021, 11:26 AM
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Please post all feedback from the Commander Update beta for the Soviet faction here.

Partisans should essentially be stormtrooper clones

give them same cost and similar vet
1 Apr 2021, 11:48 AM
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Partisans should essentially be stormtrooper clones

give them same cost and similar vet

Stormtrooper mp40 are like the 2nd strongest(behind IR STG and equal to Elite thompsons) smg/cqc weapon in the game.
1 Apr 2021, 11:58 AM
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I think people are really underestimating the Assault guards. They are way more versatile then Shock Troops when they have Thompsons. I really like them. The only problem i think they have is that their grenade assault ability is too strong because they are 6 man. Also i had a bug where i couldn't call them in, i said i needed more popcap but i had 70 left.
1 Apr 2021, 12:06 PM
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If Partisans infiltration changed the way it is, you might as well rework them completely as mainline squad as their alpha strike is gone without weapons meaning they are even more useless.
Irregulars used to have LMG's, give Partisans a long range, pseudo-grenadier upgrade path, like 4 man squad with DP-28 and camo
1 Apr 2021, 12:07 PM
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We need LMG weapon for conscripts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not in a commander but in the base game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Apr 2021, 12:33 PM
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Can we please not remove the IL2 loiter from GRCA commander. Pretty plz with with sugar on top.
1 Apr 2021, 13:14 PM
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ZIS-6 Cargo Truck is a very good idea. U dont have to take the commander if u dont want,. its for players that want the extra fuel. It garantees fuel isntead of having a plane flying over the enemies territory with the chance of getting shot down. It also probably generates much more than the unsafe plane.

1 Apr 2021, 14:46 PM
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Can't build bunkers, there is simply no icon for it in the engineer build menu. Assault Guards Dispatch is also bugged, can't click on the icon because it says max pop cap was reached when in fact it wasnt. Is this just me? Has anyone even tried playing this?
1 Apr 2021, 15:30 PM
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120 mm mortar is broken against okw buildings and had technically no cd and its dirt cheap

the call in artillery with only 150 munition can bring okw building to 5%
also reliably kills lefh and potential pak43 kill for a dirt cheap price

Add ml20 smoke munition cost and vet 3 range increase should not include smoke in the future

assault guards are too strong for its timings basically lend lease is German infantry V2 everyone will spam it in 1v1

The ability to drop mg and zis gun is quite questionable as it enable the soviets to build penals and have them and technically skip tech which ostheer can do in the past and made all measures to prevent them from doing it

The b4 changes is very good but should reduce the price for a bit
1 Apr 2021, 15:35 PM
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does cons need a 4th ppsh?

the live commander already shreds grens.
1 Apr 2021, 15:41 PM
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Can the B-4 be moved from 300 to 320 damage? That would help maintain its AT gun identity and make Direct Shot count as 2 tank shots.
1 Apr 2021, 16:24 PM
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I gave the beta a try, I still say the updates on the partizans are too expensive compared to their durability.

The other changes are really nice tho, many commanders feel more diverse now.
The new 152 off map seems quite powerful. The new zis truck allows a far safer way of getting a kv8 or m4c quickly.

Btw, two bugs:
-Can't seem to be able to call in assault guards, game claims pop cap is full.
-Can't build bunkers with engineers with Advanced Fortifications
1 Apr 2021, 16:30 PM
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Why do T-34s still have these mindless abilities?
1 Apr 2021, 16:32 PM
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i would like if the b4 203 can keep its 640 single shot barrage as a option. so it can either shoot the 3 for 300 damage but 320 would be better becuz its scatter is still horrible its likely to miss its target unless first shot gets more accuracy. or it can shoot the signle 640 damage shot. idk but i like the anti tank feature the single heavy shot offers i dont buy it to hold points. i use this thing alot
1 Apr 2021, 16:34 PM
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No one uses Partisans already, so removing Partisan tank hunters will just make it so that the 1% of players that might use this 1% of the time will never touch that commander again lol
1 Apr 2021, 16:51 PM
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Additional suggestion:
Can we buff the secure mode capture rate?
Maybe it will finally see some use outside of very exceptional circumstances
1 Apr 2021, 16:52 PM
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does cons need a 4th ppsh?

the live commander already shreds grens.

Do volks need 5 MP40?

Yes, they need it, because its CQC unit with that upgrade and grens are anything but CQC unit, grens are also not the sole inf cons fight.
1 Apr 2021, 17:21 PM
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--Tank Hunter Partisans replaced with Anti-Tank Gun Camouflage.... whats the reason or point behind this? whos ideal was this please stand up and raise hands. remove this please

--Tank Hunter Partisans replaced with Commissar...again why?? the unit is fun. its funny they nerf them in past then now since not many of us use them they want to remove it.. combine them or remove something else. having both would be cool dont remove partisans from any commanders thers only a few

--Shock Troops replaced with Assault Guards..i dont understand this one either. is this just to make a change to something new? smokes?

--IL-2 Sturmovik Attack replaced with IL-2 Strafing Run.. il2 dont fit this commander? wierd change

--Soviet Shock Army Tactics--
ML-20 Howitzer replaced with T-34/85
IL-2 Sturmovik Attack replaced with 152mm Howitzer Strike
Conscript Assault Package replaced with IL-2 Recon Run...so now il2 atack cant stop charging infantry rushing 120mms. no howitzer to counter leig or other arty without the new 152 howitzer strike showing flares just so enemy can move and waste resource also needing that recon to use it wasting more resources. try different change on this one

--M4A3 Sherman Calliope
To make it easier to eliminate the Calliope when it is caught out of position, the unit is having its health and armor reduced. The minimum range has also been increased to make it harder to 'shotgun' units with a rapid-fire barrage at short range.
Armor reduced to 110 from 160
Health from 400 to 320...this thing cost a shit ton. why is it even expensive anymore. and talking about shotgunin units panzerwerfers do it all the time with some added pinn effect

--B4-203mm Howitzer
The B4-203mm is receiving changes to how the unit functions. The damage has been reduced, in exchange for being able to fire more shells into the target area. This will make the unit more effective at barraging defensive lines, and less reliant on RNG of the first shell.

Shells fired from 1 to 3
Barrage damage from 640 to 300
Adjust AOE from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.325/0.15
AOE mid from 5 to 2.5
AOE distance near to 0
Barrage recharge from 60 to 80....
as i said before make this a secondary ability or something it can be useful for different situations. the single shot640dmg is used for heavy tank damaging and smaller tank killing

--For the Motherland

For the Motherland bonus to infantry from +50% weapon accuracy to +15% weapon accuracy.
For the Motherland now provides -10% received accuracy for infantry under its effects.... ok since it got nerfed more then half its accuracy buff and only gain some defense capability. reduce its cost. supernerfs should get cost reductions

everything else i guess is somewhat decent
1 Apr 2021, 17:50 PM
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This is the Soviet feedback thread, please shorten the post to Soviets only and post the other points in tge respective thread
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