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My ideas for Balance the game

27 Mar 2021, 17:09 PM
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Hi all

I'm Feel Memory Acceptance a great general and i want to give you some ideas.

- Increase the HP of King Tiger of 5 %

- Increase the HP of Tiger of 10 %, he needs to get one more shoot of a jackson for be dead.

increase his price of 10 fuel.

- Firefly to USF wich cost 145 fuel and give to the tank a machine gun upgrade for counter infantery.

- Pershing costs that much as a Tiger and no more in a commander. Increase his HP of 10 %, he needs one more shoot of a pak for die.

- Increase the HP of IS-2 of 10 %

- Give a sort of LMG to conscript and costing 60 muni

- 6 mens squad for gren

- demo charge possibility for ostheer

- no more a choice between comet and churchill, both are given

- reduce the price of brit inf of 10 manpower

- increase armor of soviet SHOCK infantery of 10 %

- Give a shoot precision for all motars, they need to be use manually, they don't shoot automatically. It's give to motars a good power against machine gun and it's reduce RNG because they will no longer shoot randomly.

- Reduce of 20 % the armor of brit motars

- Give to soviet a commander with : guards, mark target, is-2

- free retreat point for OKW in the medic HQ and free medic

- reduce the price of volks of 10 manpower, reduce his renforce time.

- shoot the rear armor give + 100 % damage

- shoot in flank give + 50 % damage

- IS-2 can crew shock tanks (like Avre) for 5 sec 1/10 times, but he can't penetrate the armor when he do this.

- Flame thrower can make "abandonne" tank, make a gauge for know when he will be abandonne.

- meet a tree will reduce the speed of the tank by 50 % for 5 sec

- if unit walk a lot she will be tired and she will get a penalty for precision. Fatigue gauge

- Vet 3 units tank inspire others infantery units and give them some bonus + 10 % armor and + 10 % damage

- snow storm in winter map, you need to build a fire for 50 manpower or stay in a house for survive (or stay in the base). Planes can no more fly.

- thunderbolt in summer map, it's hit somewhere in the map but do no damage except if infantery unit is in the water, they can be electrocute and they all die. Thunderbolt can hit tree too and the tree can make 10 % damage to a tank. And he can inflamed grass and make damage on infantery. Planes can no more fly.

- wind : smoke bomb don't work if there is wind

- engineer can build fake tanks. They can do nothing and when the ennemy shoot on it with tank or at-gun, the deception is reveal. The Fake tank can't moove, he is immobilize. He has the same skin than a normal tank. It cost 100 manpower and you can make any tanks from the begin of the game. Exemple : a elefant at 2 min.

- kill a infantery unit give 100 muni

- sniper can kill the man who shoot with the machine gun of tank, you need to pay once more 60 muni.

- Destroy a allied carcass of tank reduce the precision of 50 % for 10 sec, due to drop of moral.

- stug need to be powerfull like su-85
27 Mar 2021, 18:00 PM
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merci quentin, oui.
27 Mar 2021, 18:19 PM
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27 Mar 2021, 18:22 PM
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27 Mar 2021, 18:37 PM
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Hi all

- Firefly to USF wich cost 145 fuel and give to the tank a machine gun upgrade for counter infantery.

Hi to you too.

I will simply point out that the firefly tank was not used by US forces so it would not be a good idea to available to USF.

(And I would also like to suggest pay little attention to people who are being rude.)
27 Mar 2021, 18:44 PM
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Hi all. I'm Hater, a 4-digit rank player and I need a press-to-win button. Since only me will have it, I consider it balanced.
27 Mar 2021, 19:36 PM
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Guess whose back, back again...

My response to this thread: El Risitas.jpeg

I guess some people might not know nor remember who FAM is.
27 Mar 2021, 20:35 PM
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i'm hated a lot. It's a good sign or not MVGame

i'm confronted with small intelligences

no mercy
27 Mar 2021, 23:23 PM
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i add some things :)
29 Mar 2021, 08:34 AM
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This man is cursed beyond belief.
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