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COH2 for xbox game pass has different servers?

23 Sep 2020, 13:03 PM
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So as some of you may already know, recently COH2 was released in the xbox game pass for pc, with all the commanders unlocked for free. It is exciting to see the game get some updates and maybe getting more new people in. But it seems like to me, the xbox version players cannot play with the steam players. I was wondering why would they do something like this? The xbox coh2 multiplayer scene is just immediately going to die, i don't understand the decision on why they would this. I've already tried matchmaking there, but it is incredibly hard to find opponents. Even if the xbox multiplayer scene for coh2 wouldn't die, that would just separate the community needlessly.
23 Sep 2020, 13:36 PM
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The Xbox gamepass version is 64 bit.
The Steam version is currently 32 bit and has a 64 bit beta.
These 3 versions have separate matchmaking.

I read somewhere that once the beta is ready they will upgrade the Steam version and crossplay should be available. Though I cannot find that article anymore.

"It will also allow crossplay with users playing on the new Game Pass version!" - http://www.companyofheroes.com/blog/2020/09/17/64-bit-beta-and-update
23 Sep 2020, 13:41 PM
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If we only had a CoH2 CM...
23 Sep 2020, 15:07 PM
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Well then this game pass will probably add a net increase of a handful of players to the CoH2 community by the time the Steam 64 bit version releases...

That's kind of a wasted opportunity unfortunately, because I assume that the 64 bit update and cross play will not be advertised
23 Sep 2020, 20:29 PM
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Once the crossover happens it'll be nice to have an increased playerbase. Less nice when you get matched up with all the noobs and have to carry them but take the good with the bad i guess :P
23 Sep 2020, 22:07 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post23 Sep 2020, 13:41 PMKatitof
If we only had a CoH2 CM...

CoH/DoW fans waiting for Relic CM support:

Not just CoH2, no CM for any Relic IP, it's all AoE4. This has never happened before since Relic got their first CM (buggo/Allie Henze) with vCoH launch in 2006.

GameReplays Interview with Buggo (Relic's first CM):

How do you feel about Company of Heroes? Do you feel it will be a success, especially in regards to online play?
I have loved playing Company of Heroes so far. It's an awesome game and it is a lot of fun. Judging from what I've heard from the community so far, and my own personal impressions, I think it will be a huge success. It is very unique as a WWII RTS with a completely destructible environment and (in my opinion) a beautiful art style. As for online, I've played several games on multiplayer so far and they've been a blast. There's a lot of strategy and facets of the game to consider, but yet it is easy to pick up and play. I guess we will see when the game comes out, but so far my experience has been positive. Even my little brother who is a huge WC3 fan (he's 16) has been converted.

Fast forward to today. How many hours do new Relic devs have playing Relic IPs? 10? 100? 1000?

Current requirements to become a Sega CoH/TW QA Senior Tester:
Knowledge and playtime (100h+) of the Total War franchise (preferably from Warhammer 1 and forward) and/or equivalent knowledge and playtime for Company of Heroes series.

Even DoW2 had a CM (Kellie Goggins) almost two years before DoW3 launch. At that time DoW2 was 6 years old with fewer players than CoH2.

How do Relic which exist in name only want to be remembered? This studio once had 3 great IPs, now they have one left.

Maybe AoE4 will be great but it's not a Relic IP, it's Ensemble Studios legacy which lives on in Halo Wars 2 and AoE definitive editions.
With the current AoE2 tournament (AOElympics) the community have more viewers than SC2:

AoE2 eSport likely can't compete with other game genres as top player TheViper points out in interview;
Age of Empires 4: “I want to see a worthy successor of AOE2”, says the best of the world:
(Original version in Brazilian portuguese: https://www.voxel.com.br/noticias/age-of-empires-4-quero-sucessor-digno-aoe-2-diz-melhor-mundo_845893.htm)
The competitive scene didn't stand long on Age 3 like Age 2. What do you think Age 4 should have to attract pro players?

TheViper: First of all it needs to be fun to play and feel competetive. Secondly, it must be fun for an audience to watch if it's going to become a proper e-sport. Thirdly, it needs investment in terms of
tournaments and competitions, from Microsoft or other parties, or both!


Using TheViper's own logic, CoH2 seems less flawed vs AoE. With this in mind, Relic management has strange priorities.
As a CoH fan or passionate Relic dev that loves RTS eSport, you are better off trying to convince Sega/Microsoft to invest in CoH because Relic management won't do much.
28 Sep 2020, 16:10 PM
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Can't we get Mac cross platform support first?
28 Sep 2020, 17:38 PM
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And here i am with the endless grinding for commanders everyone is arguing aout being OP.

As if i would spend hundrets for everything in the ca$h shop : pepe:
28 Sep 2020, 19:12 PM
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And here i am with the endless grinding for commanders everyone is arguing aout being OP.

As if i would spend hundrets for everything in the ca$h shop : pepe:

The grind feels kinda nice tho, if I'm honest.
28 Sep 2020, 19:22 PM
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Can't we get Mac cross platform support first?

No, we don't associate with them.
28 Sep 2020, 19:50 PM
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No, we don't associate with them.

Retarded as they may be, I don't want to leave them behind.
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