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General Power of Factions in 1v1

18 Jul 2020, 16:56 PM
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Thank you for providing hard evidence of being not only delusional, but also clueless.
Why are you talking about this issue again? You are as qualified on it as I am on on teaching CN how to play the game.

I agree with that, but I also think you should put the shovel down now.

"Hard evidence" of being delusional and clueless. Seems you don't know the definition of hard evidence.
18 Jul 2020, 17:34 PM
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I was always here. I don't post willy nilly. My unofficial job is to keep the forums at a respectable IQ level for all members.

Demanding exposure of people voting ukf to be something you dont agree with is quite willy nilly. Its a subjective matter when people give opnions.
Its also something certain fascist groups do.

And as for keeping the forum iq level respectable... well you need to up your game then. You overestimate your contribution here.
Screaming demands to the sky and refusing to accept other outcomes then what you believe to be true only brings the iq level down.

18 Jul 2020, 18:53 PM
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I'd be flattered if you actually took the time for an in-depth performance review.

But who reviews the reviewer?
18 Jul 2020, 19:08 PM
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This poll isn’t contributing to balancing this game?

Polls are just opinions, which are not a good balance tool. If we want to know the power of each faction, we can just look at their win/loss ratios
19 Jul 2020, 09:15 AM
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My unofficial job is to keep the forums at a respectable IQ level for all members.

Ironic. The only thing you've proven yourselfs to be capable of in this forum is screaming the mantra of a̴͎̫͑x̸̬͋ï̴̼̥̋s̴̗̜̃ ̵̛͙̬͠u̵͍̎ń̵͕̑ď̵͈̍e̶̢̝͑͛r̴͎̒p̶̫̞̆̆o̸̻͐w̴͕̯͑̓ẻ̶͍̞͋ŗ̸̻͝e̵͍͆̋ḑ̴̎́ and assuming that everyone who disagrees is biased to high hell.
19 Jul 2020, 14:36 PM
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Could a mod remove my previous post, I meant to edit a mistake in my original.
20 Jul 2020, 13:52 PM
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Honestly in 1v1 I can still hold my own with VSL's, and even throw in Mechanized in my rotation. Mechanized is pretty good for what it is. So is Jaeger Infantry.

But my best commander is Ostruppen, despite that I hate the railway artillery strike because of its limited use as an area denial weapon only. Any competent player will hear it coming a mile away. I mainly use it for protecting their cutoff I capped to hurt them in the resource war.

I have a dream the railway strike will be replaced with a call in Flammenpanzer 38, but that would make the doctrine so ridiculously OP the change would last all of 2 seconds.

But its saying something that the most successful doctrines are about using a different mainline infantry altogether, giving mainline units an extra guy with a G43, or using ass grens and not using stock grens at all and waiting for PG's.

The only thing Grens can take on stock are Conscripts, and 7 man Conscripts or SVT Conscripts will eat a 4 man LMG 42 alive. And they both cost 240. And grens need a building built.

Listen, I know its unpopular opinion to talk about buffing grens, and that they have the best support weapons in the game (debatable, particularly with AT guns and mortars), but people are using those doctrines because stock grens suck as is.
20 Jul 2020, 15:25 PM
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this poll makes not much sense since matchup is important
24 Jul 2020, 22:20 PM
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Pools like this never work.

It always turns to "which faction you main?" -weakest faction, always.
And "which faction you don't like to fight against most" -strongest faction, always.

I main Sovs and I picked them as being 2nd strongest (Though I'm a shit player and my perception of the game is obscured somewhat by my skill level).
20 Aug 2020, 10:28 AM
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Abstained as I do not play 1v1. The weakest faction results are....unsurprising to say the least lol. My interpretation of OKW in general is that it has a tiny slither of power spike at the start and then another one in the endgame where the T4 vehicles + obers start doing real work. Obviously this fares poorly in a setting where the endgame is rarely got to for long, if at all!

Mech + BGruup provide their own power spikes but come with major disadvantages (healing + ISG/flak AA OR proper light vehicles + stuka) and neither address your soon to be rapidly devaluing infantry.
21 Aug 2020, 06:06 AM
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There is a reason why most tournaments was won by allie factions the last times

and its not because the player was better with them. it was because allie faction are easier to play and with brits in team games they are hilarious.
their emplacements and IS spam is....you could see it in the tournaments...too much.
21 Aug 2020, 07:57 AM
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80% of voters are 300+ or trash from team games. Thats why okw is bad for them. Since its most noob frendly faction. Any faction would be bad in thier hands. Okw is not weak at all. I would rather nerf certain things like obers and panters
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