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28 Jul 2020, 17:32 PM
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Actually, the OKW Tiger is pretty good at killing infantry, I love using that thing when I find the chance to get it.I think the reason Ostheer Tiger sucks even with the accuracy buff with Vet later is probably because it doesnt get any scatter buffs. OKW Tiger gets scatter buffs and probably starts off with some too.

29 Jul 2020, 02:23 AM
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I think it's debatable if its worth to pay an extra 45 fuel and 140 manpower for a Panther that is more durable and has P4 anti inf. I would say it can totally be worth it

It actually depends on how easily your investment goes down against TD's.
To put it lightly, Panthers at least can stay behind a line of infantry or ATGs to fullfill their role, Tigers can breakthrough though, but it becomes each time more expensive towards lategame when allied AT power outclasses axis krupp stahl
29 Jul 2020, 10:01 AM
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there has been people who claimed their Tiger was shooting a lot of shots against inf (blobs) yet the Tiger got 0 or 1 kills. These and other people basically claimed the Tiger has no anti inf anymore, which obviously isnt the case. So either these people are exaggerating af or they constantly picked engagements like "longrange Tiger vs inf behind a map-trench cover or behind elevation" where it would be ridiculous to expect model drops.

And what on earth would the addition of TDs showcase here? Of course you have to back out if multiple Jacksons are shooting at you but whats the point? An ISU-152 is also useless against inf when 3 panthers charge towards it... except that the ISU-152 isn't useless against inf.

Although Tiger does have AI the ISU-152 example is rather of mark. The point here is that M36 out-ranges the Tiger by 10-15 range while the ISU-152 out-ranges the Panther by 20 and thus it far easier to zone out a Tiger than to zone out a ISU-152
29 Jul 2020, 12:16 PM
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In the end it all comes down to a one thing.

There is a cycle in correct meta which is funny to see. Its not applyed to 1v1 (or at least less so) but rather 2v2+

Meduim player for axis is unresonable and for allies going mediums is kinda unresonable aswell. I'm not talking about specific situations where USF\Sov can get E8 or Sov T34\85. Or sov combinations with ram+one shot ability.

To put it simply,

Allied mediums are not sufficient when it comes to fighing pathers or heavy tanks, so going full non-doc meds IF you cant stomp your enemy will backfire badly, if Axis get panthers or Heavy tanks.

Axis of the other hand, cant get into mediums aswell, because if they do, TDs Jackson\SU-85 will eat them alive, and with at least some support you wont be able to rush them. And aswell they cant fight proprely Sov heavys or UKF comet\churchill.

So point is, if you can hold\push enemy without medium, then you might aswell skip it entirely. Because simply its safer to go full TD\Panther, because no matter what enemy decide to do regarding armor, you can retaliate.

This creates a situation where Tiger is always most likely face a TD walls. For USF going full TD + upgraded inf is more then enouth, because AI is very strong here. UKF will most lileky go full comets or churchill, maybe even crock. For soviets full TD + call-in heavy or doc.mediums.

Conclusion is: if you need TD you better to just stick with panther spam, if you already have army established and you can get a tiger as a fat support unit.
But tiger is no where near a core unit or game changing unit in this regard.
29 Jul 2020, 16:37 PM
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I feel that the Tiger 1 has fallen from grace, it used to be worth the investment and pop-cost. Used to be a jack-of-all-trades. now with the AI DMG nerf, it feels its become just a dmg sponge like the churchill, Can't DMG much, but can take hits, but being a more expensive and must have the right commander with smoke dischargers to have same efffect as a churchill.
Being so expensive and high CP mark, and if destroyed, there is the waiting time for a re-deploy.
As it stands, Tiger 1 is 640 MP and 230 fuel? 22-23 pop? You don't get your money's worth now, and IMHO furthers the passive defend playstyle of OST, not having a decent breakthrough tank.
the pre-nerf Tiger was perhaps OP, but now it is UP, tune up the AI-DMG a notch or two again is my opinion
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