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9 Aug 2021, 17:20 PM
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Anyone haved problem with a message in red saying 'missmatched'?

You need to update to the newest version.

The original MakoCELO used the Warnings.Log text file on your PC to get the player names and ranks. That file had two sections in it to get that information. The mismatched error meant that only one section was found in the file.

Relic broke the log file when they put out the 64-bit patch so older version no longer work. Because they are Relic and cant do anything right ever. I think they are obligated contractually with the devil to be perpetually inept.

The last version I worked on was 4.50. Redgood has done some work since then and may have more options in his version. Last I knew Neffarion updated the original CELO as well so you could check that out.
26 Nov 2021, 01:48 AM
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The beta that the new guy released and is unstable (MakoCelo510Beta).

I get this bug whenever it tries to scan log file. Sometimes it works t hough.

Error details:
11 Sep 2022, 04:41 AM
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People using MakoCELO and CHROMA KEY may get better results if they switch to COLOR KEY. Chroma removes any colors that are near matches to the key color. Using a Color Key will let you remove only that exact color.

I did a test using COLOR KEY and a key color of Green 5 (RGB 00,05,00). Usng a dark color may give you better results than the standard bright green color.

The setup I used in OBS was:
Color Key Filter

I set Similarity to 1 because I only want to remove the Green 5.

The smoothness adds some blur to the alpha mask it creates when removing the color. Since I was using the FX SHADOW, I added a little smoothing so the dark shadows under the text blended better.
22 Feb 2023, 17:16 PM
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Any work being done on a Mako CELO for COH3 yet?
22 Feb 2023, 17:19 PM
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Any work being done on a Mako CELO for COH3 yet?

No. MakoCelo is dead. PageP will most likely have something working as soon as possible on Coh3Stats.com.
2 Mar 2023, 00:11 AM
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Wen MakoCelo for coh3? pls :D
2 Mar 2023, 17:58 PM
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Coh3Stats Desktop app is in Beta from what I gather. Check the webpage for updates.
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