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MG suppression bug.

by ZombiFrancis 16th July 2017, 15:20 PM
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  • [00:00:14] [WS]ZombiFrancis: Thinking during loadscreen I wonder if bulletins have anything to do with it.....
  • [00:03:23] [WS]ZombiFrancis: A little messy
  • [00:03:31] [WS]ZombiFrancis: But I think it has to do with the animation bugging out
  • [00:04:21] [WS]ZombiFrancis: invincible MG
  • [00:07:16] [WS]ZombiFrancis: So each MG is no longer suppressing.
  • [00:08:04] [WS]ZombiFrancis: So these three I didn't try to pack up and move. by the fuel
  • [00:08:56] [WS]ZombiFrancis: And they still suppress
  • [00:09:09] [WS]ZombiFrancis: So there's something to them packing up and moving during animation, and I think it's the reload animation'
  • [00:09:17] [WS]ZombiFrancis: Since reload times are affected by being suppressed.
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Duration: 00:09:23
16 Jul 2017, 15:20 PM
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Worked for me each time.
16 Jul 2017, 15:26 PM
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When a team weapon is packed up, it appears timers are paused. This is shown with the Incendiary Rounds timers and cooldown.

I think this applies as well to reload timers (irrespective of animation) which have already fired, but have to complete when finally set up. These timers pass onto recrewing members as well.

Maybe I'm doing something that I'm unaware of. :D
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