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The IS2 is not dead!

by Swift 8th September 2015, 21:53 PM
  • Soviets flag Swiftsabre
Semoskiy Winter (4)
Semoskiy Winter
  • Ostheer flag Zorro S.A.S (SLO)
  • [00:00:11] Swiftsabre: Good luck!
  • [00:00:14] Zorro S.A.S (SLO): same
  • [00:01:00] Swiftsabre: I really do hate this map's deep snow
  • [00:01:25] Zorro S.A.S (SLO): hmm
  • [00:01:37] Zorro S.A.S (SLO): what do u think about Brits?
  • [00:01:44] Swiftsabre: Not ad at all
  • [00:01:51] Swiftsabre: B key isn't working
  • [00:01:57] Zorro S.A.S (SLO): mybe OP
  • [00:02:02] Swiftsabre: Nah
  • [00:02:10] Swiftsabre: Just rush em
  • [01:06:30] Swiftsabre: GG?
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Duration: 01:06:40
8 Sep 2015, 21:53 PM
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I must warn you it is a long one, so if you watch, you may wish to skip the campier parts for the sake of your own sanity, but otherwise lots of action, many explosions, good squad preservation on his part and well done for keeping cool all game.

Features some good Mechanised Assault use vs some more mediocre Shock Rifle abuse, some great engagements with MGs, AT guns, a vet three mortar, many explosions and lots of firepower, good harassment of flanks and exposed positions, and oddly, mortar smoke.

If you thought Soviets were cheesy, this is the cheesiest end to any game I have ever seen. It involves a mortar and an IS2, and you'll have to watch to find out more.

Replay is titled: "Shock Rifle Saves The Day"
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  • Oberkommando West flag Oziligath
  • The British Forces flag T.R. Sidewinder
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