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How to win 4v4 as Allies

by ElSlayer 25th February 2015, 22:27 PM
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25 Feb 2015, 22:27 PM
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You need to grab their balls and don't let them go.

1) We were lucky that on bottom island there was only one player. It allowed us to kill kubel fast without help of M3A1.
2) I didn't let enemy to fortify on middle fuel by blowing up two bunkers with penals and terrorizing them with snipers which are great for this map
3) Demos placed in bottlenecks not only can blow up enemy blob, but ocassionally kill a light vehicle, just like I caught Puma
4) Well placed mines made 2 squad wipes (maybe more if I didn't noticed them)
5) Timely teched T4 allowed me to build SU-85 in order to prevent Luchs from raping my army, because T1 have zero AT options
6) Katyusha and 120mm mortar are great tools against OKW forward HQs
7) After KT appeared we've realized that we need to make one last concentrated push in order to close this game. Look how we've reacted - quickly moving troops from bottom to top.
8) Funny thing that KT, JT and Ele were grouped in one place, but we've raped them with superior numbers.
2 Mar 2015, 01:29 AM
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Great thanks to dpfarce, who have casted our game!

He's doing really good job because it is obviously much harder to cast 4v4 format.
Keep up the good work, man!

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