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2v2 Tank Hunter Tactics

by Corp.Shephard 9th September 2014, 21:35 PM
  • [00:00:10] OPKommandWest. Xeno: hi ggl hf
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9 Sep 2014, 21:35 PM
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My first match playing with Tank Hunter Tactics.

The thrown AT grenade barrage is probably the most useless power I have ever seen.

Regardless, a fun doctrine.

Match Spoilers Below

An interesting match I thought. I like Tier 1 openings and they tend to do well on Kharkov. The lack of a heavy call-in tank is troublesome. I wanted to tech aggressively but I was torn if I should go Tier 3 or Tier 4.

Those light AT mines are pretty great though. 5 munitions for a crew stunned result every time is excessively powerful at slowing enemy pushes. When I saw what they could do I immediately though Tier 4 would work best in combination with them.

I was pretty dissapointed with how I lost two Katyushas back to back. Terrible mis-micro mid game caused my first one to ram the enemy. Goddamn they're so paper. The second one was a bit more excusable as a Panther knocked it out. Not really excusable as just some mines would have cost him the Panther. Alas.

PTRS conscripts are pretty bad? They're okay. You have to back them up with strong anti-infantry troops which basically means you need 2+ snipers. Maybe T2 could give them support as well if you used Maxims + Mortars but I don't think it will scale up nearly as well. I doubt it though. T2 is good for supporting elite infantry like Shocks and Guards.

The climatic tank battle is pretty great in this match. I went in blind with the AT grenade bombardment which is actually pretty hilariously effective. Stuns all tanks and does really good damage. I was impressed.

I am not sure what I would have changed about the build order. A greater emphasis on mines would have been good. I should have squeezed in a fuel cache mid-game as I needed fuel to channel my manpower into something other than Conscripts and Snipers. Soviet Tier 4 is pretty bad at using of a fuel advantage though.

GG WP to those involved.

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