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Units getting stuck and nades not being thrown

by gokkel 30th June 2014, 10:27 AM
  • [00:33:46] Salaam: one fucking guy left the game
  • [00:33:55] gokkel: and half my squads are bugged
  • [00:34:04] Mabsface: ye i killed his halftrack
  • [00:37:36] Salaam: fuck team
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30 Jun 2014, 10:27 AM
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I am uploading this replay just for the bugs, not because of the game itself (I played pretty badly and was distracted by all this crap).

You can see that my Sturmpioneer squad right at the beginning has a guy being stuck in the base. I didn't even notice it first, but my squad was behaving strangely (I give shift-commands to cap points, but they will immediately leave a point after they moved to it before it got capped). Later I felt they were also unresponsive. Only then I looked at them and noticed that a guy was missing. I saw then it was stuck in the base.

A team mate tried to help me by killing the guy with a grenade but it didn't kill it... much later I threw also a grenade on it and finally my squad could be used properly.

Later in the replay (don't know time sadly, quite late though) you can see that squads at the retreat point don't stop their retreat animation when they are already at the base. They only stop when you micro things away. In some other game it wasn't even enough to move away soldiers that might stand in the way, you had to walk INTO the retreating soldiers to somehow get them out of that locked situation.

In this game you can also see various attempts of Panzerfüsiliers throwing grenades, but they will just never throw it. I have no problem with any other squad in OKW throwing grenades, but Panzerfüsiliers bug out in 90% of the cases. Relic needs to fix this shit as well.
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