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Epic Collapse, we held on with 8 points left

by rumartinez89 16th May 2022, 15:11 PM
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16 May 2022, 15:11 PM
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We were on the back foot from the start, we weren't playing bad but soviet ally went with double sniper start which meant we were getting bullied around quite a bit. I decided to go for Anti-infantry tactics, overall a very weak commander but wanted Assault Guards. Got an early wipe with scout car shenanigans, was doing a lot of heavy lifting for sniper ally until he got his guards out. Since I felt we were behind I went for SU85, was a good call because one axis player had 19 MIN KT. He bullied us on left side of map for a bit but I think he got over confident and pushed a little to far. He had some light damage so I was able to snare him with PTRS Penal while my SU85 and ally Guards unit took him out. Huge win as right when we killed it he made a Strumtiger and other OKW got KT. USF and OST are fighting it out on the right side of the map which is fairly even fight.
We get some Katy to try and slow down axis pushes, it doesn't do much at first but we slowly start to bleed them. Game is little by little going in Axis favor, at one point there is 2 KT, Strum a few Panthers and some P4. However I finally get a wipe with katy and I think ally katy gets one or 2. At this point Axis isn't really replacing infantry squads they just keep saving up for more tanks. During a push we are able to damage KT and ally rams it and destroys it with bomb drop while his P4 is destroyed seconds later. . I swing over a few times to help USF against 3 Panthers and P4, at around 43 min mark massive tank battle were several tanks are lost on both sides but this allows USF to place massive pressure on right side of the map as I quickly replace lost SU85. We catch the other KT out of position and since it doesnt really have any where to hide we are able to finish it off. Axis quickly call in JT but due to its lack of AI we contest VP as much as possible. We get down to 8 points but there lack of infantry really causes problems and allows us to secure victory. Really good game give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Side note: Anti-Infantry commander is fairly weak, I like Assault Guards but they are not good enough to carry this commander. The two mid-game off maps are both area of denial abilities. Too much overlap, replacing one with mother russia would stay with Anti-Inf theme but give more synergy with AssGuards since it would allow them to spring.
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