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Teamkiller Report - GodofWar

by VictorStewart 1st February 2021, 12:01 PM
  • [00:00:11] Victor Stewart: GL teams
  • [00:15:07] Country Dick Montana: im done with this
  • [00:16:34] Victor Stewart: fellas, we have a case of team killing here
  • [00:16:46] Country Dick Montana: hes a hot head
  • [00:16:49] tc_h: lol
  • [00:16:55] Gabloc: i'll have a flare
  • [00:16:55] tc_h: what happened
  • [00:16:58] Victor Stewart: just for one bofor lost, he decided to kill the team
  • [00:17:01] Bob_89: GodofWar is team killing
  • [00:17:17] Gabloc: lol
  • [00:17:23] Victor Stewart: last warning here, Mr. GodofWar, or I will delete you instead
  • [00:17:25] Bob_89: gg
  • [00:17:31] Victor Stewart: I don't mind showing no mercy to team killer
  • [00:17:36] GodofWar: MOTHER FKER TOld me its a waste
  • [00:17:48] GodofWar: i show him how to waste his untis
  • [00:18:19] Country Dick Montana: they be premade anyhow
  • [00:18:34] Victor Stewart: well, if you fellas are around, feel free to come by and erase him from the game
  • [00:19:10] Country Dick Montana: im sittimg here watching
  • [00:19:16] Country Dick Montana: for last 10 min
  • [00:20:03] Victor Stewart: well, the gamne is open for the fella
  • [00:20:05] Victor Stewart: as you can see
  • [00:21:43] Gabloc: how old are you, god of war?
  • [00:22:08] Country Dick Montana: hes decent
  • [00:22:17] Country Dick Montana: ive played with him before
  • [00:22:30] Gabloc: why is he so triggered?
  • [00:22:31] Country Dick Montana: the other dude was probably stoopid
  • [00:22:34] Victor Stewart: he;s a well known team killer
  • [00:22:38] Gabloc: or she
  • [00:22:45] Gabloc: lol
  • [00:22:47] Victor Stewart: GodofWar has been reported for a lot of team killing
  • [00:23:03] Victor Stewart: so I think for the community, we should report him, and remove him from this game forever
  • [00:24:00] Country Dick Montana: think theyre a team?
  • [00:24:21] GodofWar: i only kill retards
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1 Feb 2021, 12:01 PM
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This player is a well-known team killer who has been reported for raging and actively attack allies base/unit.

In this 4v4 match, we were winning and the guy decided to team kill our teammate when he lost the Bofor and his teammate believed that there was no point repairing the bofor as it would inevitably die.

I did demo-ed two of his units (who were destroying my teammate's base) after I warned him multiple times to not attack our teammates (and I knew him as a team killer that plagues the community's match). However, I can guarantee that the action did not stem from me actively seeking his harm but rather a warning that I would not tolerate his behaviour in the match.

This player should be permanently banned from the community and even IP ban if it can be implemented.
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