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4 Jul 2015, 20:05 PM
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Nice work guys, but i found 1 lil mistake

Dropping a PTRS with guards can be a good thing. You will lower the chance of dropping your main DPS dealer, the DP machine gun, and you actually get more anti-infantry DPS without it. However, if you need to fight light vehicles you will be at a loss. Think twice before picking one up.

After recent patch PTRS is sniping machine , you dont want to loose it and always pick it up.

im having few tips too :
infiltration grenades destroy any wooden buildong if they are fired with full memeber squad (4 members or more)

You want to throw satchel charge near exit of building so if weapon team stand in building it die and if he get´s out he die
Building will fall when at least one dot from satchel splash cirkle hit it

Also okw hq truck is good for scavenging - you get 5 fuel if you dont need him and manage to destroy it with schreck or rakethen by attacking ground.

And mg42 incendiary round can easily destroy any USA liehtenaunt vehicle and damage evne light tanks (i manage to kill suchka with it in 4 bursts)

5 Jul 2015, 04:37 AM
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The IR stg44 cover thing no longer works from what I heard(if anyone can confirm this) and also for mother Russia was nerfed to give accuracy bonus(which means the b4 can still sort of have precision strike after the latest patch, its just that no more damage bonus(although placing arty pieces eg. Packs, ml20s etc. Near a FHQ will make them extremely strong and easier to keep alive)
6 Jul 2015, 09:53 AM
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wire cutter can cut wire fences present in maps like city 17 and angermuende.

so much depth.
6 Jul 2015, 21:09 PM
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Some random things you may or may not have known about whatever.

Game mechanics

Vehicle Priorization will be disabled after using any ability that switches the weapon temporarily (SU-76 barrage, ZiS-3 barrage, Pak40/43 stun shot, Stug TWP, etc). You will need to switch it off and on again.

A squad does not need a minesweeper to defuse mines, all the 4 basic constructor units can always defuse (and usf assault engineers) though you do need a nearby sweeper for the detection part.

Picking up the crappy LMGs from Irregulars and Partisans actually gives you a full power one

Sweepers work inside transports, but not as usf vehicle crews.

Accuracy penalty while constructing is actually applied on a squad basis and only the 4 primary construction units+assault engineers have it. Grenadiers, volks, rifles etc building stuff receive no penalties in combat apart from obviously not shooting back. Planting democharges also does not have a penalty because it's not actually a building.

Flaming ground to destroy mines doesn't really work. Flamers have around 2 penetration, mines have 35 armor. And you need two to three penetrations to kill. You can clear demos though.

Don't complain about your squads getting wiped if you stand in front of cover against tanks. Especially against units like IS2 which has a tendency to overshoot you're increasing your chances of getting hit ten fold.

Negative cover increases received damage by +25% and this applies to all weapons except flamethrowers (which do -50% damage instead). Tank shells, mortars, and mines are extremely likely to wipe squads that are on red cover because of this.

Small arms, including vehicle MGs, ignore positive cover except for garrison cover within 10 range (use vet0 molotov targeting circles to learn ranges, inner circle is 5 range, outer circle 15). Negative cover applies at all ranges.

Green cover reduces damage from all attacks that aren't flamebased, including grenades and mortars which people tend to consider counters to cover. Whether the -50% damage is applied to a weapon depends on where it was FIRED from rather than on where the attack lands.

Grenadier Conscript 1 || Conscript 2

Grenadier firing riflegrenade on Conscript 1 will do full damage and thus is able to kill models outright on hit. Firing a riflegrenade on Conscript 2 will only do half damage and thus will only succeed in taking 50% off a model's health at best.

ATgun green cover has bugged directionality, tends not to work from straight on frontal attacks but often applies to attacks from side angles.

ATgun weapon crews will benefit from green cover nearby same as any other weapon crew, their own (bugged) cover doesn't interfere.

Units can't throw grenades to higher elevation because grenade ability traverse is too low, the ability will start triggering and then cancel after a few seconds. Pretty apparent on some maps with big elevation differences like Minsk or Hill whatever.


Stack. Except for these:

medium_tank\officer_tank.txt (armor bulletin for sherman/okw panther, WILL stack on Panther but will NOT stack on Sherman)

Some Ostheer bulletins affect multiple different units:

Grenadiers & Assault Grenadiers (squad type: grenadiers)
Grenadier Accuracy
Grenadier cooldown
Grenadier reload & cooldown

Tiger Ace and Tiger: (squad type: tiger)
Tiger penetration
Tiger armor
Tiger sight & turret rotation

PZIV command tank and PZIV: (squad type: panzer)
PZIV armor
PZIV Rotation speed
PZIV Reload speed
PZIV penetration

Stug G and Stug E (squad type: stug_iii or unit type stug)
Stug G Mobility
Stug E reload
Stug G rotate & reload
Stug G reload
Stug G rotate
Stug E rate of fire
Stug G penetration

Panzer Grenadiers & Stormtroopers (unit type: panzer_grenadier)
Panzer Grenadier Accuracy

Panzer Grenadiers & Ostruppen & Stormtroopers & Artillery Officer: (squad type: pz_grenadiers)
Panzer Grenadier Received Accuracy


Opel Blitz truck gives: 5m/3f on regular point, 11m on muni point, 7f on fuel point. It also connects your territory, even when not set up.

The USF mortar HT vet1 delayed barrage has 105 penetration (regular mortar penetration 35) and has the following crit chances on penetration on vehicles:
15% disable movement for 10 seconds, 22% engine damage, 4% immobilize
Not that this will ever actually do anything because of the awful accuracy and aoe, but well...

Puma doctrine ostruppen have a 20% chance per squad of spawning with an LMG, and veterancy spawn chances are 0: 50%, 1: 25%, 2: 15%, 3: 10%

OKW Puma aimed shot can target any enemy unit except buildings and has differing effects based on target.
On penetration (double penetration values of normal shot):
Turreted tank: lock turret (15 seconds)
Assault gun: stun vehicle same as Ostheer TWP (5 seconds)
Light vehicle: engine damage (anything lighter than a t70 more or less, t70 still counts as a tank)
Team weapon gunner: temporarily disables weapon (5 seconds+redeploy)
Infantry (including team weapon gunners): death crit in 0.5 radius (for comparison grenadier riflegrenade kill radius would be 0.875 on full health models). But unlike riflegrenade this will not take any penalty from green cover.

USF Mechanized / Recon IR Pathfinder artillery has 33% chance of crew shock and 33% chance of engine damage on enemy vehicles hit.

Ostheer Railway Artillery first shell will always land close to the center of the targeting circle, the remaining 2 rounds scatter inside the area normally.

Stuart Point Blank Engine Shot is actually extremely potent. It is a guaranteed engine damage on any vehicle as it has no penetration and deals the engine damage on deflection. But it has 5 range so you probably will have a hard time getting it off against targets trying to move away from the stuart.

OKW Officer "Target Them" ability says it makes opponent units fight harder, but that's a lie. It just increases their received accuracy by 50% for 20 seconds which is not particularly useful with high accuracy okw units except when enemy is in yellow/green cover in which case it is a straight up 50% boost to DPS against that squad.

Ostheer 222/halftrack vet1 ability is 10 munitions for 20 seconds of 70 range detection on all infantry, including camouflaged ones. If you ever want to know where opponent snipers or pathfinders are, just pop this.
22 Aug 2015, 15:56 PM
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how updated are those infos?

especially this:
Small arms, including vehicle MGs, ignore positive cover except for garrison cover within 10 range (use vet0 molotov targeting circles to learn ranges, inner circle is 5 range, outer circle 15). Negative cover applies at all ranges.
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